They told Danny Gallardo he would have to go to jail this week

They told Danny Gallardo he would have to go to jail this week

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The young man from Madrid Danny Gallardo He announced that tomorrow Mondaythe Madrid Regional Court summoned him to collect documents that he would indicate that he owned Three days to enter prison voluntarily. If nothing happens, he will go to prison this week as the operation's new political prisoner.

The published statement stated that all defense resources have been exhausted, and since the amnesty law has not yet entered into force, he will go directly to prison.

Gallardo has already spent thirteen months in pretrial detention after his arrest during protests in Madrid against the trial ruling, and now the court wants him to comply with the ruling. Two years and eleven months All that remains is her participation in the solidarity demonstration with Catalan political prisoners and her intervention among a group of riot police who violently arrested a friend of hers, on October 16, 2019.

“As an anarchist, I do not believe in borders or states. Sure, all this sounds very contradictory, but I believe in the right of the people to decide,” Gallardo explained to VilaWeb when he was released from pretrial detention after the trial. “I also added that I understand the idea that the Catalan people do not want to belong to Spain. Spain is a damned disgrace, it has a bad history, and the country is still proud of its fascist foundations. The Catalan cause is a just cause and worth defending.”

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