An American study “destroys” the closure / “No health benefits, damaged economy”

An American study “destroys” the closure / “No health benefits, damaged economy”

In the United State It’s time to take stock of Corona virus disease and the epidemic management, even if he’s not categorically behind us. But this is a stage when assessments of government policies and outcomes can be made, such as a US study on lockdown. This is actually the purpose of the work he does National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER), which was created on the topic of Minor More comprehensive comparative study. The authors are the economist Casey Mulligan (University of Chicago), Stephen Moore And the Phil Kerpen subordinate Unleash Prosperity Committee. They compared Covid outcomes in 50 US states and in the District of Columbia considering three variables: the economy, education and mortality.

The results of the American study on the closure refute most medical agreements, and more. Those countries with the most restrictions suffered the most in terms of overall social well-being, as opposed to a relatively low level of health benefits. In other words, the file limitations and Close They have harmed the economy and the population at a social level, without ensuring greater health benefits.

“The worst outcome if the United States had a single tax policy”

This US study on lockdown points to a case Hawaii, is an isolated island country with an economy that relies heavily on tourism. This is the closest to Zero Covid Chinese strategyBut in terms of mortality, the numbers are high, moreover, it is the last in the prepared ranking of economic outcomes and education. Those countries that have imposed the toughest restrictions and were among the last to reopen schools, their economies are still lagging behind. The serious and prolonged economic blockade of Albanian, for example, had no effect on mortality. But the negative consequences are not only economic: there is also the problem of education. as in the case of New Jersey.

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The authors of the American study on the shutdown drew another important lesson: They thank the US Constitution because the system of government is federal. Thus, each country can implement its own policies. “The results would have been worse if Washington had imposed a single national policy dictated by the federal bureaucracy“, Writes The Wall Street Journal. The hope is that Covid will also be a lesson to avoid making mistakes with the possibility of an upcoming pandemic.

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