“My sweet love you say to your sister!” / Eva Zaniecki!

“My sweet love you say to your sister!”  / Eva Zaniecki!

Brawl between Silvagia Lucarelli and Samuel Peron on Dancing With the Stars 2022

Wild Lucarelli Also in this edition of Dancing with the starsIt raised morale from the first episode. He does this even when he arrives on stage Eva Zaniecki, competing with Samuel Peron. Despite the sympathy she says she has for the singer, Lucarelli criticizes the performance that has just been performed on stage: “In all of this Casciara, it must be said that the dance was a disaster, and among other things I think Eva knows her very well because she Baracol* doesn’t know very well, so she rightfully threw it at Cassiara!” He attacks the juror.

Selvagia Lucarelli vs. Samuel Peron, Eva Zaniecki is also out!

Eva Zanishi’s teacher is angry, Samuel Peronwho then thunders against Lucarelli: “It’s not like that! He did all the steps well and on time. Since you are so frank, you don’t understand the dance, she did all the steps right!” What my beautiful love, here I do my love! This last sentence doesn’t bother Selvaggia a bit, and she answers: my beautiful love? Who knows you! My sweet love for your sister! Call me by my name we don’t have that kind of trust”. And so the discussion flared up in the studio, and Peron responded to the juror with equal annoyance: I did not bother you and did not criticize you. I questioned my work.”. However, the closure is a boost from Zanicchi: “Lucarelli: Give me this *** what you want!”

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