Bellinzona, Science in Search of Other Spaces – Radio and Television RSI Swiss

Bellinzona, Science in Search of Other Spaces – Radio and Television RSI Swiss

Spaces in the new headquarters of the Biomedical Research Institute of Bellinzona (IRB), which opened in Va Chiesa just over a year ago, have been sold out, and planning is already underway for a new building. The feasibility study has already given its answers, and even the initial project is now fully ready to be sent to Bern as it enters the end of the year. The capital’s new science castle building (in the Lyceum, Commerce, Youth and Sports district) will host the Institute for Oncology Research (IOR) whose laboratories, like those in the hospital, are located at the IRB headquarters which on Saturday marked a day of great entertainment with a new version of open doors.

Expanding the spaces available for the Institute of Universities United in Bios + Association (Bellinzona Institutes of Science) will allow to expand the activities of biomedical researchers and realize the planned development of the IOR. It should soon include nine research groups, a third more than the current six involved in programs for so-called solid tumours. Five focus primarily on prostate and breast cancer. VI in skin cancer biology.

The stable future, as predicted in recent days by the region, will cost 45 million francs and will allow for further expansion including 12 laboratories. The goal is to achieve this by 2028.

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