How do you order it and when does it expire?

How do you order it and when does it expire?

Taxes: How does volume installment work? Taxpayers can pay their debts in installments using the appropriate online form provided by the Revenue Agency. Let’s see in detail how the mechanism works and in what specific cases forfeiture is to be expected.

tax bills: How and for how long can you benefit from it Payment in installments?

Those interested in benefiting from the payment in installments can submit the application using Forms provided by the Revenue Agency on its website.

Let’s see in the following article what to do and when to risk You lose the right to repayment installments.

Tax installments: how do they work?

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In 2022, legislation was passed on Installment of tax billsPursuant to Article 19 of Presidential Decree 602/73. In fact, the First Aid Ordinance introduced important innovations in relation, above all, to Regular installmentsthat is, these are praying 72 installments.

Applications for extension submitted by 16 July 2022 Forward, it was raised From 60,000 to 120,000 Euro Debt limit for which the installment can be taken, automatically and through a simple request (R1 نموذج model). For these types of annuities, the taxpayer does not have to file an ISEE.

Thus, taxpayers can pay off debts in a much simpler way and confiscation of the installment is made only after a number of installments equal to 8.

Installments: Cases of Confiscation

Revenue Agency 1200 & # 215;  675

Go into more details of regular or extraordinary installment requests submitted From 16 July 2022The date of entry into force of the Aid Ordinance Transfer Act, confiscation From installment plans are configured only after that Non-payment of 8 installmentseven if not consecutive, instead of the five that were previously provided.

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It is a good idea to specify this in case of confiscation Debt cannot be deferred again. However, the confiscation of one or more consignments of installments does not exclude the possibility of requesting a postponement of the payment of bills other than those for which the confiscation occurred.

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