Celebrity Island: The truth is…

Celebrity Island: The truth is…

… not everything can last forever. Especially after the ratings for the well-known reality show hosted by Ilary Blasi did not go as hoped, here’s our Mediaset pick…

Celebrity Island 2022The famous game adventure has been broadcast Channel 5 It reached more than ten episodes. So it is reasonable to make evaluations and understand how the program is implemented ilary plassi.

Now he’s about to enter the second part of the reality show and the hope is that things will get better. Because just like it happened to GF Vip 6adventure game MediasetIn terms of ratings, it has disappointed.

Not to mention how Celebrity Island It didn’t hold up at all
to Ray Ono In the audit challenge, despite the change of competitor.

The reality show is still a hit but it’s far from the top Mediaset Hope things get better, hope seems to be in the first place. Otherwise, why “stretch” Celebrity Island?

Celebrity Island: Here’s what happens after the end…

Celebrity Island: The truth is...

how long Celebrity Island 2022 It has – at least so far – received more disappointing reviews than expected, the program has always and in any case been among the most popular. So much so that, as it was already announced, this year Celebrity Island It will last until about July.

But once you say goodbye to the outcasts, Ellary Blasey, Vladimir Luxury And Nicolas Savino… What will happen? According to the latest rumors, to replace the weekly double appointment de Celebrity Island They will be exact copies of zellige, Especially for the fall of 2021. And if on Thursday evening in the summer 5th channel Covered, for Tuesday there are still doubts. However, the most adopted option appears to be broadcasting a news production that has been abandoned for some time.

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It is located around Secrets and Crimes, specifically stopped for three years. Now that’s from above 5th channel Summer roads seem safe, all that remains is to finish enjoying Celebrity Island And find out which survivor will win.

And after the ominous name of the outcast winner was announced, viewers will definitely not be left to face the summer!

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