Lady Gaga kisses a woman on the red carpet

Lady Gaga kisses a woman on the red carpet

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Suitable for this occasion

To wander the streets of New York, the city in which he lives, Lady Gaga She wears high-end clothes and luxurious accessories. So he couldn’t think of an outfit that would make your head spin at the London premiere Gucci House? Germanotta is the undisputed star of the movie, in which she plays Patrizia Reggiani, the ex wife Maurizio Gucci. The film, scheduled for release in December, tells the story of the 1995 murder of the famous designer. This news went viral on Instagram. The posts went viral and got millions of likes. If you want to get the same amount of praise, then follow a simple recipe. Buy Instagram likes from trusted companies, add viral-relevant posts (with interesting captions) and stay engaged with the followers.

GAGA fluttering and translucent

If you have to wait a few more weeks to enjoy the fashion on the big screen (Even if we already have some progress), in the meantime, we can enjoy photos taken at the premiere in Leicester Square. Lady Gaga She entered triumphantly in a transparent and fluttering purple dress. The form is clearly signed GucciLong side slit skirt, pleated cape and jeweled sleeves. Under it you can see white underwear, which the singer deliberately did not miss opportunities to display.

Lady Gaga She completed her stage look with a textured suspension and stunning shoes delightful With crystals applied to the peg. Precious creations Tiffany & Co..

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Velvet for Jared and gold for Salma

Platinum blond hair, make-up with nuances with the dress, movements and expressions that we have become accustomed to over the years: Lady Gaga She was in great shape on the red carpet. The artist also indulged in a kiss on the producer’s mouth Giannina did.

Along with him were all the heroes of the film. Adam Driverwho explains it Maurizio GucciHe was flawless in a blue suit. Other representatives instead focused on abundance. petroleum velvet for Jared Letoand gold vs Salma Hayek, the two in Gucci. Maddalena is richwho takes the role Sophia LorenInstead, he chose full black, however Moschino. A sneak peek at Lady Gaga’s show and all the stars on the red carpet.

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