Aaron removed one step from the 2023 Ameche Final, and the jury favored saving Wax

Aaron removed one step from the 2023 Ameche Final, and the jury favored saving Wax

Friends of Maria De Felipe 2022/2023

It was Aaron who had to drop Amechi one step away from the final on Sunday, May 14th. Al-Mughni, a protégé of Rudi Zerbi, was eliminated during the semi-finals. It was fellow Wax who qualified.

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Friends of Maria De Felipe 2022/2023

Aaron Deleted ad Friends 2023 One step away from the final. The singer, a pupil of Rudi Zerbi, found out during the episode broadcast on Saturday 6 May that he had been eliminated by the jury consisting of Cristiano Malgoglio, Michele Bravi and Giuseppe Giuffre. Called to decide between Aaron and wax The jury members could continue the race, and preferred to bring Arisa’s pupil to the final. Thus, next week’s final will take place without any of Rudi Zerbi’s pupils. Even Emmanuel Lu would not have one of his students participate in the final.

Aaron’s reaction after the elimination

Aaron finds out he had to drop out of school after the semi-finals on May 6th. Back in the studio with Wax, he chose to know the result of the vote cast by the jury as had the colleagues before him. From the center of the studio, he noticed ahead of him with the last shirt for the finalist still available, and when turned upside down, the shirt showed Wax’s name. “The fourth winner is Wax”, explained Maria De Felipe, asking Wax to go and get his shirt. Addressing Aaron, the presenter added: “It’s a TV show, there are only 4 seatsBut Aaron understood:I won anyway. I won as a person, I’ve been here and I’m happy with the recent performance. It’s the right time“.

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Maddalena Svivi was also eliminated

Aaron isn’t the only student who had to drop Amechi during the semi-finals on May 6. Even the dancer Maddalena Svivi, a student of Emmanuelle Lo, had to leave the program because of the vote cast by the jury. The four students who made it to the final stage are dancers Isobel Kinnear and Mattia Zinzola and singers Angelina and Shama. Only one of them will win the program during the final, live on Canale5 on Sunday 14 May.

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