“My Mother Died”: a sad inspiration for a schoolboy also moves Celentano

“My Mother Died”: a sad inspiration for a schoolboy also moves Celentano
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friends, sends the upright Celentano disciple into a tailspin. They are bitter tears.

Even such a strict teacher as Alexandra He could only let himself go to the most vivid emotions. She didn’t think the cameras were filming her at that moment. He was listening very intently, without interrupting, to the dancer who specifically asked for it private meeting with her.

He felt the need to talk to her, to look her in the face and directly in the eyes, without having to communicate at the same time with the teachers and other students in the school. The father of all talent. Legendary granddaughter Hadrian She made herself comfortable and sat down on a chair, swallowing every syllable of the young man.

This man, overcome with emotion, at a certain point in his speech had to interrupt himself several times. the sound She looked cut with tears He tried several times to hold back his tears. The eyes were wet and the body language spoke clearly: He was in big trouble.

The dancer specifically asked to speak to her

However, he absolutely could not and did not want to give up on that confrontation. Comparing, in truth, he had been waiting for it for so long and that when it was granted, he wanted to exploit it to the hilt. Now much needed Final stage It is upon us and all the participants still in the race who are fighting tooth and nail to get there.

Especially since failing to do so now would be a terrible setback. So he was thinking of playing the last card, talking with an open heart, without conditions or reservations, with Alexandra. He talked about his family and the problems he had suffered from an early age in his private life that did not make his existence easy at all. Who are we talking about?

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Alessandra Celentano has moved on
Baki himself says he moved on to Alessandra Yobi

Baki speaks and Alessandra moves

from crying, which is not particularly convincing with its performance neither the teachers nor the audience at home. So he is afraid of being eliminated. For him, this would be a great pain, also because he would never want to be disappointed His beloved fatherfor which he did so much.

After revealing this, he also talked about the loss of his beloved motherWho broke his heart into a thousand pieces. And so on and so on Alexandra He could no longer contain himself. She felt more and more emotional and tears started streaming down her face. And at that point, the viewers joined in one big hug to contain them both.

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