Perfumes with hedione, which act on the pleasure centers and make you more attractive (according to science)

Perfumes with hedione, which act on the pleasure centers and make you more attractive (according to science)

Hedione perfumes: what are they?

vanilla, cinnamon and pumpkin, used in perfumes, has long been known for its aphrodisiac properties. Recent studies have shown that this is also the case with hedione, whose effects on the brain were discovered by German scientists at the Ruhr-University of Bochum. this compound, enters perfume formulations, and stimulates areas of the brain related to pleasure and sexual desire. Not for nothing, in Greek mythology, an actfrom which the molecule derives its name, was the goddess of sensuality and beautiful sensuality.

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Hedione is an ester naturally found in jasmine extract, and is the most intense and freshest part of the flower. Presented in Eau Sauvage by Dior in 1966It has been a highly valued ingredient by perfumers ever since. Its fragrance is like an explosion of cold energy, a lively and icy breath that amplifies the freshness of the composition and prolongs its duration. An airy finish that gives the fragrances an unmistakable breath.

The seven perfumes that contain hedione

1. Psychedelic Love by Initio

Inspired by the discovery of German scientists, the Initio brand has created a whole line of fragrances based on hedione. Among them, Psychedelic Love combines its refreshing ingredients with two other aphrodisiac ingredients, namely Rose and vanilla.

2. Givenchy Haute Couture

Perhaps one of the most beautiful perfumes in the world. A delicious mix of Raspberry and soft, pure muskWith a charming duo of black pepper and vetiver. Hedione supports the sparkling aspects of this formula and prolongs wakefulness into the evening.

3. Eau d’Orange Verte by Hermes

A fragrance that smells of freedom and fresh air and evokes the atmosphere of carefree holidays. Eau d’Orange Verte d’Hermès contains an excessive dose of Citrus fruits and crushed mint leaveswith an icy effect backed by hedione, has been one of the Maison’s creations since its inception in 1979.

4. Aqua Vitae Colon Forte by Maison Francis Kurkdjian

This fragrance is a splash of freshness, a breath of fresh air. Hedione’s airy accents feature, here intensified by solar notes Sicilian lemon and tangerine. Clear and desirable, like a glass of lemonade in the hot sun.

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5. Eau de Rochas

Infused with the olfactory riches of the Mediterranean, this fragrance is as refreshing and sensual as the perfect dip in the sea. Thanks to a trio of sparkling citruses in the top notes: lemon, Bergamot and mandarin. All wrapped in a green veil of basil/verbena and a bouquet of white flowers, lit by pleasure.

6. Eau Duelle by Diptyque

A very modern version of vanilla, a far cry from the gourmand compositions with which they are often associated. Here vanilla is exploited, more elegant than ever, in all its aspects dryelectrified by lively notes of hedione and a cool spice accord, typical of Diptyque.

7. Flower by Kenzo

joyful note Violetdrops of sensual hawthorn, carnal rose … all sublime with the invigorating scent of hedione and infused with a base of vanilla which no one can resist. This is the ghostly scent of poppy, Kenzo’s bestseller par excellence.

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