Lolo Selassie In love with Manuel Portuzzo, but with Soleil you drive everyone crazy

In love Lulu Selassie can’t turn around, she still loves Manuel Portuzzo

In the last hours of life Lulu Selassie It was marked by calm and other turbulent moments. From an emotional point of view, her flirtation with Manuel at any cost does not take off and social opinions are divided among those who have decided that Lulu leaves no room for the swimmer who has repeatedly stated that he is not. Ready for a relationship with her. , also for his annoying personality who, on the other hand, defends a princess of Ethiopian descent by pointing the finger at Manuel, guilty of not being entirely clear about his potential relationship, leaving an open emotional glimmer that could lead the two to a meeting, at least give it a try.

In this confusion, Cupid throws no impulse to make things easier, and the situation has left Lulu in a kind of depression despite the fact that both the sisters and friends of the house support her by advising her to keep spirits up and look elsewhere. Maybe waiting for the right opportunity as soon as you get out of the house. However, the girl’s past is like a ghost tormenting her, and the fear of losing this opportunity for love and happiness too is a great shadow on her calm.

Lulu Selassiè, a fresh start for Big Brother VIP 2021

Lulu Selassie After metabolizing a decision Manuel Portozzo To get away, he found his smile thanks to Gianmaria Antinolfi with whom he had an important relationship Soleil rise, for sisters Jessica E Clarissa And to Sophie Codegoni with whom he is spending more and more time. To help her, however, there were a few activities Big Brother organized like designing a T-shirt that she did to highlight her creative streak. The group that Lulu belonged to also showed off her creativity, a shirt, which Lulu directly explained, “inspired by the big brother’s eye” and thus was able to keep an eye on everything. On the piece of clothing, the group consisting of Lulu Selassie, Mirjana Trevisan, Lulu’s sister Clarissa, Carmen Russo, Jukas chest, listen, only beloved Manuel, wanted, in honor of the Roman Paragnost, write the motto much dear to Jukas: “Change”.

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The Thanksgiving party, however, changed Lulu who enjoyed singing and dancing in the kitchen, while preparing dinner, along with Sully, Jessica and Clarissa, conquering an audience who, on Twitter, appreciatively for the first time.Chef’s Moment. These were key moments for Lulu who, after the breakup, was dealing with her trip home alone. Each of them can be named, evaluated and commented individually, and Lulu’s attitude towards Manuel will be the balance of positive and negative in online opinions about social life in the princess’s house.

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