Legacy, did the contestants know beforehand the answer to the guillotine? the truth

Legacy, did the contestants know beforehand the answer to the guillotine?  the truth

Many believe that the competitors in the special episode oflegacy It aired at prime time and they already knew the response guillotine.

Legacy: Show competitions take the field to support Ukraine

A special episode of D the legacy, Conducted for this occasion by Flavio EncinaThe ultimate goal of the evening is to support the Ukrainian population who, in recent months, has lived through a very tragic historical period.

All proceeds from winnings will be donated to the campaign State of emergency in Ukraine. This initiative was promoted by United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), From Red Cross And many other active humanitarian associations around the world.

Therefore, the goal is to raise funds to support the population of eastern countries, which are severely affected by war strife. Of course everyone can participate in this solidarity initiative.

To do this from home, simply send a text message to 45525 Or call the number from the home phone. Only in this way will many essential goods be donated to the people who live in them Ukraine, Which has nothing to survive.

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L’Eredità Special: What we’ll see tonight on Rai 1

During the special episode of Legacy – an evening together or together We will have the opportunity to watch the return of the champion of champions, i.e. Massimo Canoletta.

The man holds the record for participating in more than 50 episodes of the competition contest and for bringing home 280,000 euros. To try their luck against the strongest hero ever, some famous VIPs.

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among these Paolo Contesini, Lillo and Greg, Francesco Gabbani, Orita Berti, Francesca Vialdini and Matilda Giuli. These characters are very much on the horizon in the last period.

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Orita Berti It turns out he’s still an excellent singer, while Paolo Contecini He just won by winning a victory singer masked. Lilo and Greg They are the most popular comedians at the moment Matilda Giuli He astounded the audience with his performance in Document in your hands.

also Francesco Gabbani and Francesca Vialdini They are about to host their own show, which will be broadcast live Rai 1 in the coming days. This initiative promoted by opinion He is certainly commendable and will allow us to help those who need him most in a truly sad historical moment.

Legacy, did the contestants know beforehand the answer to the guillotine?

Matilda Giuli I got to the guillotine and wrote the word together or together. Other competitors participated remotely by typing the same word.

The home audience thought the heroes of a special Legacy Night already knew the final answer. Perhaps that was the case, but given the purpose of the evening, helping the Ukrainian people, victims of a mad war, was a nice gesture. So, 72,500 euros went to charity.

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