“At my house we all have the middle name of the car. my husband? For 3 years from our wedding we go to a detox center.”

“At my house we all have the middle name of the car.  my husband?  For 3 years from our wedding we go to a detox center.”

Its second name is called Miura, like the famous Lamborghini coupe from 1966. “I used it before, and now I’ve removed it, it’s confusing. In the family we all have the car’s middle name. I was born like that, I don’t give it any weight. For me it’s like I’m called Francesca,” Elettra Lamborghini, 29, tells Corriere della Sera. “There are a lot of people with important surnames, not all of them. “They are able to do what I did. If my grandfather were alive, I think he would be proud of me.”

Bianca Balti, her confession about her sexual intimacy: “I only discovered my body anatomy a short time ago.”


From MTV’s Riccanza to the first single “Pem Pem” to Italia’s Got Talent, a lot of water has passed under the bridge. “If I look back I see that I have come a long way.

I should have stopped, sometimes, and pat myself on the back more. I don’t feel rich or famous, for me all people are equal on this earth.”

Twerking secrets

“I lived in Mexico and Latin America, there is a normal dance, there is nothing vulgar. It depends on whether someone shakes their ass well. “I wear fishnet stockings, so my butt doesn’t move much.” But anything is not sexy. “Whoever sees my stories also knows another Elektra, she doesn’t have anything sexy about her. I cook, I cut bushes into slippers.”

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On September 26, she celebrated 3 years of marriage to DJ Nick van de Wall, also known as Afrojack. “We celebrate in Switzerland, in a detox centre. No cell phones. We eat little or nothing.” I met him at a festival, played for him, and they introduced us. I was focused on my career, and didn’t really think about getting married at 26, or maybe at 36. He’s very good, patient, And we fit together perfectly. Quiet. I don’t like to go out in the evening, I’m tired, very nervous, not a party girl, I go to bed early. With him I can be myself. Seeing how many people leave makes me sad. My grandparents have been together for 50 or 60 year, and I would like to get there too.”


“Without dreams, there would be no motivation to live. How can I not go without work. One day, when I have fewer worries and I’m older, I would like to open a school for children. Or helping stray dogs and cats.”

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