Al-Rai plays in secret: The mystery of the millionaire’s contract The presenter puts her back against the wall

Al-Rai plays in secret: The mystery of the millionaire’s contract  The presenter puts her back against the wall
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Another novelty for the general network, this year is certainly not the first: another important perspective arrives for the presenter.

This year in opinion They found each other Connectors already exist in recent years, but a few have also been made Add a task.

Just think, for example, of the new entry flora cantu, Enrico Brignano’s wife, who took on the role of one of the hosts with Anna Falcons And Tiberius tempery, to Your factsthe morning entertainment program that accompanies the network’s viewers.

In fact, the entire summer was filled with previews and above all else Indiscretion Regarding this season’s schedule.

Only these days opinion And reap the benefits Changes made, Its popularity is measured by ratings. However, it seems that heresy It doesn’t end here, this one is Connectors to advice From the network it is beginning towards a A completely new project.

More news for the schedule

there Presenter In question is Alicia herself Marcuse, Which the public and people of the web have loudly demanded to be brought back. the program pomerissima, Which it conducted, it was very successful: a new form that sees the comparison of different generations, of which it is the foundations Named to Challenge each other during performance to dancing and singing, And words So the public can vote and ultimately decide the winning generation.

For Alicia Marcuse There will be another one moving in In the pipeline, some Indiscretion They have already arrived ears Subordinate Experts.

Alicia Marcozzi -
Alessia Marcozzi –

Project Marcozzi: bomb

Very prosperous I will come back opinion It’s spring and fans are anxiously awaiting to know which heroes will compete in the upcoming episodes. but Marcuse It will also work on something completely new.

second TV blog It will provide the new transmission It has been resumed done Outside give her education, And “special cases”: curiousity, At this point, things have reached the extreme, and Marcozzi’s fans are holding their breath waiting to find out all the details of the new program. Regardless of appearance, there efficiency From the presenter, and the fact that it is actually a lot I love From the audience, it will definitely make the new project a success direct.

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