Murad is admitted to Beryan 2 prison for six months for a traffic violation

Murad is admitted to Beryan 2 prison for six months for a traffic violation

BarcelonaRapper Murad entered Brian 2 Prison, in Saint-Esteve-Cysrofire, on Monday afternoon, according to prison sources consulted by ARA. The singer did so voluntarily to serve a six-month prison sentence for a traffic violation. Specifically, he was tried for reckless driving without a license in June 2022. Tonight, according to prison sources, the rapper will sleep in the income unit while he waits for his situation to be regularized inside the penal center. Murad walked into Brians 2 just before dinner time (doors close after 9pm) and had already had his first meal there.

This case did not represent the first problem in achieving justice for the singer, who has a long history of arrests. Two months ago, Murad accepted a two-year prison sentence on charges of encouraging a crowd of people to throw stones at police while filming a video. The events occurred in 2021, while a music video was recorded without permission at Hospitalet de Llobregat. The rapper's defense requested a stay of execution of the sentence, which the prosecution accepted on the condition that he not commit crimes for two years and pay the fine.

Murat also has an open case for disobeying the Mossos d'Esquadra and not complying with some restrictions during the most difficult months of confinement. In addition, he was arrested in February last year for threatening to kill two Urban Guard officers in Hospitalet de Llobregat, and in April 2022, he was also arrested for failure to appear on a court summons. A few months later, in June, he was arrested for reckless driving and without a licence, which has now forced him to voluntarily enter Brians Prison 2. In addition to all this, the singer “had to face two trials for theft”. He was acquitted of both.

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