Check out the damaged train lines this Wednesday

This Wednesday he started one A new traveler’s day is filled with influences Still on some lines drawn from Sunday’s copper heist. Renfe expects trains to run again according to the movement plan drawn up at the beginning of the week.

From the first hour, trains on all lines can reach Barcelona, ​​except for the R3 line, the Vic line, which ends in Montcada-Ripollet, from where travelers can take the section to Barcelona by bus.

In the early hours, the trains that suffer the biggest delay, of half an hour, are those on the R4 northbound and those on the R2 southbound also suffer a delay of about ten minutes.

During Wednesday, reinforcements on Ferrocarrills de la Generalitat and buses continue, especially in the afternoon.

It came after another day of incidents on Tuesday, which were compounded by another copper theft in Ponent, an electrical fault on the R3 and an accident on the R14.

This is the Updated forecasts Rodales Lines and Regional Services:

R1/RG1: Does not affect.

R2 in R2 Nord: Does not affect.

R2 South: Does not affect.

R3: Commuting between Puigcerdà and Montcada-Ripollet, in this case two trains per hour in each direction. From Montcada-Ripollet, an alternative service is by road – with buses departing every ten minutes – to Fabra i Puig station, where travelers can take metro line 1.

R4 North: Travel between Hospitalet de Llobregat and Manresa, with two trains per hour in each direction.

R4 South: Travel between Hospitalet de Llobregat and Sant Vicenç de Calders with four trains per hour in each direction. In L’Hospitalet, connect with metro line 1 at Rambla Just Oliveras station, as well as with line 5 in Cornella.

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R7: remains without service. Travelers can go to Cerdanyola using R4 and from there there are buses to UAB. There is also an Express 3 bus.

p. 8: Does not affect.

p. 11: Does not affect.

R12: Train movement between Lleida and Calaf. Between Calaf and Manresa, alternative service by road is by bus. Between Manresa and L’Hospitalet, passing through Barcelona, ​​passengers can use the R4 Nord.

R13, R14, R15, R16, R17: No effects after several accidents on lines R13 and R14 during this Tuesday.

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