New fab under construction in the US

New fab under construction in the US

The The Chips Law came into effect On August 8th, it radically changed the global semiconductor manufacturing landscape and attracted more and more chip makers to the United States. now too TSMC announces the establishment of a new US plantwhich will be built in Arizona.

despite Intel will receive the bulk of the funding enshrined in CHIPS, so even TSMC, the closest competitor to the company run by Pat Gelsinger, appears to have remained a complete stranger to the US government’s investment proposals. In fact, the news of the new factory comes a few months after the announcement of the factory TSMC’s first production line in Phoenixalso in Arizona, thanks to money Washington has allocated to the semiconductor sector.

To report the novelty is The Wall Street Journalwhich shows that the new plant will be located right next to the previous one, and therefore always in Phoenix. TSMC would have made provision of 12 billion Dollars for its second production line in Arizona: That’s an investment roughly the same as that made in 2020 (then “paid off” under CHIPS) to build the first fab in the Grand Canyon.

Fabs will produce two chips on three different nodes. The first, in fact, will focus on knots at 5 and 4 nanometers, which can be used by companies like AMD and NVIDIA for their current and next generation CPUs and GPUs, as well as by manufacturers like Qualcomm for their mobile chipsets. On the other hand, Fab II, yeah You will specialize in 3nm chips: TSMC’s 3-nanometer node was put into production in September at Taiwanese factories, and could find space in the aforementioned next-generation products from Apple, Intel, AMD and NVIDIA.

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