Make Xavier Giró's book possible in Verkami

Make Xavier Giró's book possible in Verkami

It starts today Small sponsorship campaignpowered by critic I Pollen releaseswhich requests your cooperation in editing the book Against neutrality. Peace and struggle journalisml Xavier Giraud Marti. This article breaks down the myths about the so-called Fourth force It reveals the main ideas of Peace and struggle journalism, committed to the just resolution of conflictsWhich the author explained to thousands of students in his classes. Giro has been a professor of political journalism at the Faculty of Communication Sciences at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB) for decades, but he has yet to transfer his ideas into a book he signed on his own.

Detailed work from Conversations between Professor Xavier Giró and CRÍTIC journalist Sergi PicazoIt calls on journalists and the media to deal with conflicts knowing that they are part of them, and that they are active, in politics and in war. The professor deconstructs terms such as objectivity, neutrality and integrity, revealing how the credibility of “professional” or liberal journalists is artificially built.

Against neutrality It also provides a critical analysis of media discourse and how they sell us the motorcycle, manipulate us or distort reality through language, both implicit and explicit, as well as the influence of big media owners, advertising or lawsuit threats. . The author challenges both the audience and journalists themselves to analyze what they write and what they read, so as not to be deceived by the myth of false objectivity. In the article, he argues that the media not only choose what to talk about and what not to talk about, but also construct mental models or frameworks of reality (Framing) in issues and conflicts. Xavier Giroud poses Close examples such as the effects of the Aliens Act or the warmongering coverage of the Ukraine war A from Gaza. The book, with its informative tone, does not forget to introduce some interesting elements, such as the guide for novice bureaucrats produced by a group of Polish students during the Soviet era to illustrate the empty language of power, which journalists should never reproduce.

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Small sponsorship campaign starting today It will last until May 19 and seeks to reach the minimum of 8,000 euros. The bulk of the money earned during these 40 days will go to the production of the book, 80%, while the rest will be used to produce and send out bonuses. Among these, stand out are those that include receiving the personally signed book from Xavier Giró (25 euros), which allows you to attend an exclusive dinner with Xavier Giró by a small group of diners (75 euros) and which also includes an annual subscription to CRÍTIC, in addition to Signed book (80 euros). You will find the full list of rewards here. If things go as planned, Against neutrality It will be published in December 2024.

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