Also the President of Ireland and Bono in concert –

Also the President of Ireland and Bono in concert –

From our correspondent
Bray (Ireland) – “Who was that gray-haired guy next to Bono and Bob Geldof? President of the Republic.” Only a woman’s funeral and private artist like Sinéad O’Connor can give birth to a joke of pure Irish humor, as black as Guinness.

Why In private (Islamic) funerals Of the musician who died in London on July 26 and was buried yesterday in Bray, Ireland, there were famous colleagues and politicians – President Michael Higgins and Prime Minister Leo Varadkar – but above all, uninvited, thousands of ordinary people who surrounded the funeral procession. The people of Sinead who sang and cried and applauded the passing of the coffin and the artist’s minibus whose loudspeakers resounded the music of the hero Bob Marley.

That’s it Islamic ceremony – After his conversion to Islam, he chose to call himself the martyrs of charity, but in order not to confuse the public, he continued to keep his birth name in his profession – With Jamaican Rasta music and a river of unpredictable affection: Bray is a small town twenty kilometers from the capital, with only thirty thousand inhabitants.

in the funeral sermonHead of the Imam of the Islamic Center in IrelandSheikh Dr. Omar Al-Qadri described the singer as “talented The voice of generational movementShe could make the listeners cry with that heavenly voice. Just listen to his version of Danny Boy Or the traditional Irish tune Molly Malone To discover the greatness of his talent. Sinead’s voice carried a tinge of hope in it, the hope of returning home. The Irish people have always found solace in song for the suffering of this land, and Sinéad was no exception. and shares his comforting music, It has brought joy to countless people around the world. Just as he brought different souls together through his art, so he orchestrated a symphony of brotherhood during his last journey.”

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