Everyone has it at home but no one uses it the right way: it’s a waste of time and energy | Here’s all you need to know

Everyone has it at home but no one uses it the right way: it’s a waste of time and energy |  Here’s all you need to know
Secrets of the vacuum cleaner – www.iPaddisti.it

The vacuum cleaner has become an essential appliance in homes because it makes cleaning floors and furniture faster and more efficient.

Despite the great prevalence, there are very few families who really know how to use a vacuum cleaner properly, here are all its secrets.

The modern vacuum cleaner was invented in Late nineteenth century One of the earliest devices was developed by Hubert Cecil Booth in 1901, which used an internal combustion engine to create a vacuum. Patented the first handheld vacuum cleaner James Murray Spangler in 1908Who collected one broom Soap box and fan to create a working device.

There are different models of vacuum cleaners in the market, The wires are plugged into an electrical outlet They provide a constant supply of power while cleaning and are generally more powerful and suitable for intensive cleaning or large surfaces. vacuum cleaners The cordless is powered by rechargeable batteries And these models offer more freedom of movement and ease of use, allowing you to get into corners and hard-to-clean areas. However, they may have limited battery life and slightly less suction power than corded models.

The main difference between bagged and bagless vacuum cleaners is dust collection systemin fact vacuum cleaners with a bag Use a cloth or paper bag to collect the emptied dust and debris which should be replaced as soon as it is full. Forms Bagless Instead, they use an indoor container or cyclonic dust separation system.

How to choose a vacuum cleaner carefully

L’Energy efficiency Vacuum cleaners are an important factor to consider. In Europe, the regulations provide for this Vacuum cleaners cannot exceed 900 watts of powerreduce energy consumption and promote the use of more sustainable models.

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The latest vacuum cleaner models Designed to last for a long timeHowever, to reduce the need for frequent replacement, it is important to look for high quality and reliable models to extend the life of the device. L’The energy label of the vacuum cleaner provides information on energy consumption and efficiency, so it is advisable to compare the performance of different models based on the information provided by the label to make a more informed choice.

The noise from vacuum cleaners can vary greatly. The noise measure is expressed as dB (dB)Therefore, to get acquainted with a silent product, it is advisable to look for models with a value Noise Less than 70dB Because this vacuum cleaner will make less noise during use, allowing for a more comfortable cleaning.

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