«Defamous positions, we assess the legal ways» – Corriere.it

«Defamous positions, we assess the legal ways» – Corriere.it

Explosion Eros Ramazzotti At the Pala Mandela Forum concert in Florence, he brought with him a series of controversies.

Last April 4, during the singer’s performance, A fan fell ill under the stage.

This is Ramazzotti’s angry response to the rescuers: “I arrived 10 minutes late. She was already dead. Damn 18 of you what are you doing?”. A Tuscan girl captured the moment, then posted the video to TikTok, and it instantly went viral.

Now comes Florence Red Cross Response: «Referring to the video circulating on social media and re-released by some local and national media, in which the singer accuses Red Cross volunteers of negligence, President of the Florence Committee of the Red Cross Lorenzo Andreone He considers it appropriate to intervene to protect the rescuers who have intervened and to clarify the dynamics of the facts».

These are the descendants of Androni: «We regret that Mr. Ramazzotti took it upon our volunteers in front of thousands of peopleWhen, according to the report of the facts in our possession, the first party that intervened to save the person concerned reached the site at more than appropriate times. Only the second team reached them a few minutes later, as they were unable to pass through the underpass of Ramazzotti’s duty staff, forcing their way through the crowd. I would like to confirm that all CRI volunteers who are activated for these major events are working according to meticulous protocols and agreed health plans with 118. To belittle their preparation and their work with sarcastic words thrown gently from the stage, on an evening when all is entertaining, is unacceptable behaviour.. The volunteer work and with it the professionalism of the many women and men who provide free service to the population must be protected. Not everything can become a show and even less so with defamatory postings. We didn’t leave anyone alone, from Ennio Morricone himself, to last night’s fan, who – fortunately – had no pressing health issues, so much so that she kept enjoying the concert. As a representative of the 1,200 volunteers of the Italian Red Cross in Florence, I have turned to our lawyer, Avocato Massimiliano Manzo, with whom we are assessing how to proceed against Eros Ramazzotti.

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