Where to eat the best street food in Milan (spend less than 20€) cooking

Where to eat the best street food in Milan (spend less than 20€) cooking

fast service. good price especially) enjoy the palate insured. It may be that those months at home between lockdown and smart work have made the desire for conviviality and comfort food even stronger than before. Also, the agreement of the companies of friends often on where to go and eat is not easy: both for the often heterogeneous tastes, as well as for the price range. Moreover, the arrival of spring and heat make many want to go out more and, at the same time, spend less time sitting at the table. The fact is that more and more people are asking me on social networks to recommend them Where to eat fun (high quality) street food, in a nice environment but in an easy atmosphere, maybe with quick service and an account that leaves you more than satisfied. Having said that, it might sound like a pledge. However, Milan already offers a lot of options. Thus, in this article – which does not claim to be exhaustive – I have collected titles that, in my opinion, respond to these characteristics, where I have been recently or which I now regularly work with. In short, The ones that are really hard to get out of are not satisfied.

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