Mourinho: “Pellegrini, it seems to be his usual injury. Aouar’s effort, it should come in our direction.”

Mourinho: “Pellegrini, it seems to be his usual injury. Aouar’s effort, it should come in our direction.”

Roma won the Europa League over Servette, and they spread. Jose Mourinho spoke this way after the European match, and also about Pellegrini’s injury.

there Rome He won the Europa League against Servette, and went viral. JoseMourinho He spoke this way sky After the European match, we also talked about Pellegrini’s injury.

Pellegrini co – “Unfortunately, he is a player with huge potential but he has this medical history that stops him periodically. I have not seen him yet, I have not spoken to him, I have not spoken to the doctors, but from what I saw, from his body language, it seemed to me that it was something muscular in the flexor muscle, “That’s what usually happens to him.” As I learned from what you mentioned Yellow voicePellegrini was out of the field due to a problem with his right flexor.

The first half – “Yes, but the first half was terrible, and I didn’t like it at all. I was in a great position to watch the game, I watched the first half and I didn’t like it. We never pressed. There was a moment when they had the ball for more than a minute. Very passive, we allowed them to play, “With little movement when the ball reaches one of our players. I don’t like that. In the second half the situation changed, the intensity of the game changed. There was more confidence, I quite liked the second half.”

Lukaku-Belotti – “In the first half I did not like anything, and in the second half I liked it. When we play with both, without Paolo we lack creativity, a player goes down and communicates. When the two are missing Paolo and Pellegrini we lack creativity. But they are physical presences. If our fifths arrive “They went back and put the ball into the penalty area so we could score a goal. But playing with Paulo is one thing and playing without him is another thing.”

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