Bonucci, Pilate wins again. But the case of Allegri is troubling! Inter, Inzaghi is right

Alvio Mosmer’s editorial for Fcinter1908: The Bonucci and Allegri cases left us dumbfounded. The Juventus coach’s background was amazing

It’s hard to fathom some of the decisions, especially after we’ve seen a completely different way of working over the years. Because I remember very well that under Mourinho the men of the Federal Prosecutor’s Office would classify him as a man and all his gestures were disjointed.

For the famous handcuffs, the Portuguese coach was disqualified for 3 days because he “objected the referees’ action” with blatant behavior and for dealing with offensive expressions to the referee and assistants.

What about the dismissal of Spalletti in Genoa? Do you remember her? s.He made it a day after she chanted “in a dialectical manner in the 49th minute” after scoring the goal in the net of the fourth official who left the technical area.

It doesn’t matter that he was elated looking into the camera for a goal that gave the three points after a very tight match 4 minutes after 90. The fourth man reported to the referee thinking that the jubilation was directed at him.

How can we forget the unfortunate events of Juventus Inter last year? With repeated insults to Antonio Conte who then answered unfashionably with his middle finger? In an empty stadium where everything resounded, no one heard anything except those directly involved. Nosy. Even in this case there is no disqualification. Very curious.

Because far from biased reconstructions, where everyone can believe what they want (not being on site we have to rely on stories), the images are objective and need no explanations.

Because with this Pilates decision, a bad precedent has been set and surprisingly we have limited ourselves to a small fine, which for a well-paid professional is actually foreplay.

Allegri’s case was never dismissed

then read ‘weather’ And discover what you don’t expect. Given that nothing is denied, you are baffled, but I quote verbatim:

“..from the report of the Federal Inspectors present at the Allianz Stadium last January 6 at the end of the match against Napoli, Massimiliano Allegri ran towards the referees’ dressing room, shouting at Andrea Gervasoni, now the Deputy Commissioner in charge of the African Cup of Nations. He was present in Turin that evening as he shouting “It’s bad… tell him – Allegri’s words referring to match referee Simone Souza – C’s boss… He should recover 12 minutes, not 5. You are letting yourself get upset” for J.. they were always on the ground, they did Doing the Neapolitan drama. That is enough now even if they deprive me of my family for three months.” Unsatisfied, Allegri waited for the referees to leave the locker room and added directly to the potion with Souza: “You coach … . ». In this case, the coach paid for one day of ineligibility, which was already awarded,” she says.

How can a coach be disqualified because of a gesture and a disqualification of a player who lays his hands on another person? But what credibility can such a system have? How do you feel when you want to hear and see what you want to see?

Please don’t always steal everything with rule changes because they are the classic excuses that get adopted when you don’t know where to go. If you want to reconstruct a solid image, you need accuracy, without discrimination in color and strength. Otherwise, we will continue to float in Middle-earth with bizarre and Pilatesian choices. In the face of facts, we will be subject to team logic and it will always tell everyone a biased fact, which inevitably will always be biased. Is this what we want?

However, victory in the Super Cup should not be overshadowed, Inzaghi and all the players should be credited with maintaining the attitude of a great team, with a winning mentality. The team that tried to the end to win it and not guess. Only a crazy lunatic can expect a minor match with a goleada, because historically Allegri has always been a professional at “packing” opponents especially when the difference in the crew is obvious. You will remember when he was at the helm of Milan, Barcelona faced the phenomena and stopped at Pole Niang, otherwise he would have turned the Blaugrana dramatically.

Because there is a very delicate challenge that you must be prepared and honored in the best possible way. Atalanta, led by Gasperini, is a serious candidate for the tournament and the challenge will be as complex as the first leg. Overtime efforts will certainly show but there will be a way to let someone breathe in the Coppa Italia with Empoli in the midweek tour.

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