Is the explosion of Mount Dom and the creation of Mordor reasonable? science answers

Is the explosion of Mount Dom and the creation of Mordor reasonable?  science answers

In the fantasy series The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, we show how this happens by turning an underground river into a maze of tunnels created by orcs. “Trigger” by Monti Vato, yet dormant, turning the surrounding landscape into the desolate lands of Mordor. But, in fact, is such an event possible?

The Can explosive volcanic eruptions really be “designed”? Let’s start by identifying that when volcanoes erupt, they spew molten rock, called magma, at temperatures between 700 and 1300 degrees Celsius. These events can then be categorized as effusiveand the formation of lava flows, or ExplosivesLarge fragments of magma, rock, ash and gas are expelled into the atmosphere.

The death mountainor Urdroin, is represented just as it leads, in a rather amazing way, to a volcanic eruption. Indeed, there are cases in nature in which some volcanic eruptions have occurredWater volcanic eruptions are calledthey occur when magma comes into contact with external waters, such as underground sources, oceans, lakes, rivers, and glaciers, resulting in steam generation.

The thermal energy of the magma is then converted into explosive mechanical energy Steam expands in a process called thermal blasting. Several volcanic eruptions of this particular type have been observed, such as volcanic eruptions srtsi 1963-1964 in Iceland, or from white island of wakari In 2019, in New Zealand, or that extremely strong of Honga Tonga HA’bay 2022 in Tonga.

Therefore, after ascertaining how a volcanic eruption occurred similar to the event in death mountainAnd the So it is also possible to “program” it?

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Fortunately, it is very difficult to “artificially” cause an explosive volcanic eruption. Having enough water in the magma reservoir of dormant (or active) volcanoes, moreover several kilometers underground, Practically impossible Since there are very dense and compacted rocks, there are definitely no tunnels similar to the ones below death mountain.

Moreover, we would need to transport a huge amount of magma from a reservoir deep within the Earth’s crust to the surface, generating a huge network of fractures several kilometers deep. almost impossible thing, Even using nuclear explosions.

But if we finally succeed in our crazy “volcanic” intent, then such an event can actually happen To radically change the surrounding environment, creating a real “Mordor”?

Yes, this is reasonable, but the event must be so powerful that it also affects the entire planet. The global climate is strongly influenced by volcanic gases and fine ash emitted into the stratosphere During large-scale eruptions. The formation of droplets of sulfuric acid, in fact, would create a fog capable of reflecting incoming solar radiation, with the consequent cooling of the atmosphere.

But who wants to launch such an event?

Speaking of volcanoes, let’s enjoy them now Great pictures of StromboliDefinitely a less alarming eruption than the Mount Fatou eruption.

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