March 23, 2023

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Our cars have a complex system of warning lights and indicators to indicate correct operation and guide the driver in the most common operations, but also to report any malfunctions, anomalies or error messages that need to be addressed. However, many motorists do not know most of these warning lights, and it is normal for the alarm to go off or to panic worse.

The best thing to do is to always stop and call someone more experienced or refer to your vehicle’s user and maintenance manual.

For better or worse, we all know the main warning lights on a car’s dashboard, i.e. those that light up a lot or don’t cause major problems in the event of an ignition. To give an example, the four arrows, the direction indicators, the headlights, the high beams, the heated rear window or the battery.

There are also lights that shine lessAnd when it lights up, there’s no need to be happy. We are talking, for example, about the oil pressure, water temperature, engine temperature or tire pressure warning light (for cars that have it).

Finally, then there are some The rarely seen lights. Some motorists have never seen them in action in their whole lives driving multiple cars. Example? Pedal lights.

Car lights you didn’t know existed

With modern cars becoming increasingly computerized and in which electronics becomes more likely, indicators, warning lights, sensors, and automated systems have multiplied exponentially with the goal of aiding human driving. However, this translates to the average complexity of reading the car’s hardware.

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In short, gone are the times of the Fiat Uno where the only light that could turn on was the water temperature (and once it was on it was too late), and there is a lot of extra information to keep. mind _ mind.

In particular, let’s talk about Pedal lights, new generation indicators are only present on some of the more modern carsEspecially on Volkswagen. On these cars, the driving task warning lights come on and warn the driver when it’s time to press one pedal instead of the other. These lights can be yellow or green. especially, The clutch pedal is generally yellow in color It happens when we start the car, to warn us about neutral mode and thus avoid vibration at first, especially when we are parked and could hit other vehicles or a wall. After that, it should turn off on its own after a while.

car pedal lights

On the other hand, the brake warning light is green, reminds us to press the pedal to get out of parking mode. Obviously, these warning lights only help us in the initial stages and don’t flash every time you have to brake or change gear (thankfully!). In any case, it can be annoying to many people, also because in the event of malfunctions (especially software) they can remain permanently, forcing us to go to the workshop.