Ladies’ Paradise 7, Saturday 17 September 2022

Ladies’ Paradise 7, Saturday 17 September 2022

Ladies Paradise 7 will be broadcast on Saturday 17 September 2022

Ladies Paradise 7Wednesday, September 14, 2022, not broadcast. Skip, therefore, Episode 3 of Season 7 to make way for TG1. but, Ladies Paradise 7 Saturday 17 September 2022 atmosphere to restore the jump.

Ladies’ Paradise 7 Double Episode Saturday 17 September 2022

With two stories on Instagram Alessandro Tersini (the alias Vittorio Conte) reports it Saturday 17 September 2022 (Not Friday, September 16, 2022), a double loop of Ladies’ paradise.

This way you can

  • Catch up on what wasn’t aired on September 14, 2022
  • Don’t be left behind, as September 19, 2022 isn’t broadcast

Is the ladies’ paradise broadcast on Al-Rai 1 on Saturday?

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Giulia Vecchio (Anna Impriani) in a scene from episode 1 of “Il Paradiso Delle Signore 7”. Credits: Ray

It should not be taken as a rule. usually Ladies’ paradise Saturday is not broadcast on Rai 1. This week is an exception…a bit like when Elvira had a relaxed vibe in Episode 2 of Season 7, without strict rules. Clara was not used to wearing heels, but shoes. Venus laughs, shuts up when the main contractor arrives. With the countess he talked about improving the clothes. Adelaide’s idea is to diversify the show, as well as push out clothes that don’t fall under the Paradiso brand. For Stefania, this does not exist. It is their identity. Stefania realized that it is not an atmosphere for renewal. This is Flora Gentile. Clara suggests waiting and taking some time. Conte is the only one who can stand up to Saint Erasmo.

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The Countess and Conti speak at the end of the second episode and leave us scolded. Asks for updates. Adelaide claims that she owns 50% of Paradiso shares and that she has worked for the company. If the seamstress quit is her problem…Agnese has always been distinguished by her humane and professional qualities. Signora Amato will apologize if Adelaide would do the same. The Countess had no intention of doing so. Conte also realizes that someone else wants to hit: Flora. Vittorio wouldn’t send his stylist away. Adelaide would understand his position if he was the sole owner of Paradise. They will have to come to an agreement. It’s a flat refusal on Conte’s part. Adelaide will continue to be heard. Vittorio reminds her that Paradiso is not her hobby.

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