Sarabbi criticizes Michelle Braffy, saying: “They are all female.” And the artist freezes it: “Medieval provisions must be ignored” – video

Parliamentarian and art critic Vittorio my little boyguest on broadcast Dedicated employment Rai 1gave his opinion on Michel Braffy’s performance in Sanremo Festival. In the studio we were discussing Battisti’s interpretation that the 27-year-old singer did on the cover evening. Al-Saghari used the expression “every female” to describe it. The discussion, during the broadcast, appears to focus on the fact that there is a ‘climate’ in Italy in which gender fluidity can be treated as a fashion. The parliamentarian, in a video spread on the Internet, said exactly these words:

“There was that other man who sang a Battisti song, called Brave, which is all female. And he sang addressing the woman as if she were a male. The song was composed by Battisti for a woman and it was a man and its rejection of the masculine.”

As the clip went viral, Bravey decided to respond – without mentioning it – to the art critic: “I don’t like giving space or voice to those who disregard the beauty of individual freedom of expression, nor demonizing an awkward laugh due to the unexpected. Of one life. I won’t name names and invite you not to go To dig.” And he adds, “But I take advantage that, since yesterday, you’ve been sending me a podcast video accusing me of my excessive femininity, to say that I am proud to give voice to a non-judgmental approach to individualism. I will never stop saying with my music ‘Be totally yourself.’ This is not a fight It matters to the LGBTQI+ community but has to do with the possibility for everyone to tell the world their colours.” He concludes, “It is a sign of civility to respect and accept opinions different from one’s, but it is unfortunate that medieval judgments can limit your creativity. Always be creative.”

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Cover photo: ANSA / Riccardo Antimiani

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