After Borghese also briator against young people who want to be paid for work. And it begins again by attacking the income of citizenship

After Borghese also briator against young people who want to be paid for work.  And it begins again by attacking the income of citizenship

May be missing Flavio Briatore? No, he couldn’t. In fact, it is widespread next to the cook Alessandro Borghese. While Borghese regrets demanding young people get paid even if they learn in the meantime, Briatore takes it on citizenship income, the root of all or nearly all evil. After all, the wage debate is spurred on on the eve of every summer, the season when young people have the greatest need for paltry salaries and being treated like hell. Instead there is someone who has The audacity to ask for salary Or, open heaven, don’t work every weekend at all. “Boys? They prefer Wait hard on weekends to enjoy with friends. And when they decide to try, they do so with the arrogance of those who feel they have arrived and demand significant rewards. immediately. I’d be unpopular, but I have no problem saying that Working to learn does not necessarily mean getting paidBorghese complained about the pages Corriere della Sera.

Instead, Briatore hands over his ideas to the site fan page. Naturally to support the logic of restaurant managers There is not an iota of data. Also because the data says the exact opposite like Referred to in a long series of articles and reports. Among these, one is dedicated to Working and contracting conditions, both very poor, in the world of “starred” restaurants. Verzuolo’s manager said he’ll have no problem finding the staff he needs In Dubai and Saudi Arabia. On the contrary, he will face difficulties in Italy. He believes that the problem lies in the citizenship income, which will become the “real aspiration” of young people. After all, one wonders, Who wouldn’t think of building a bright future by relying on an average check of less than €500 per month?

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It must be so because, Despite saying to offer 2,000 euros a month, Young people do not take this into account. “I am the one who pays well and pays everyone. My basic contract starts from 1800 to 2000 euros per month. The intern pays too. Anyone who joins my group gets trained, takes courses, gets paid. And if you are good, you grow up, someone takes it.” 4-5-10 thousand euros or more. But the problem is that children have lost the value of their labor: as a young man I would pick apples for two pennies, and I did it with passion. Now the goal is the opposite, not work. I repeat: a mistake in citizenship income is a real disaster. “

The official data of Istat and Inps says the exact opposite, that is, seasonal jobs and fixed-term jobs continue to rise above the previous values ​​of the citizenship income entry. Studies by the most authoritative universities in the world show how Basic income is the thing that helps countries improve productivity, where companies do not rely on lower labor costs, which benefits the economy as a whole and without any backlash to employment levels. But in the thumbnail of the tables on the Costa Smeralda, things are clearly different. As well as in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia the Mecca of labor law, social achievements and the new renaissance. the solution? But very simple: leave citizenship income only to needy families and block it for young people at least from April to October, Just in time for the opening and closing of a billionaire Porto Cervo.

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