Miss Italy 2023 is Francesca Bergesio, daughter of Senator Giorgio Maria Bergesio – Corriere.it

Miss Italy 2023 is Francesca Bergesio, daughter of Senator Giorgio Maria Bergesio – Corriere.it
to Elvira Serra

The 19-year-old Miss Piemonte won the 84th edition of the contest in Salsomaggiore Terme

From our correspondent
Salsomaggiore – Miss Italy 2023 Francesca Bergesio19 years old, from Cervier, Cuneo region. Daughter of a League Senator
Giorgio Maria Bergesio, left with Miss Piedmont’s sash. Brown hair, graduate of the European classical school of Umberto I of Turin, yes only He joined the College of Medicine in Rome. He explained that I wanted to specialize in cardiac surgery. She lived for five years in a boarding school, where her passion for acting was born. I would like to become a doctor, but I would also like to combine my work with the world of fashion or cinema, which I will not give up.

Juventus, favorite movie
to focus – Nothing is as it seemsStarring Will Smith and Margot Robbie. Last book you read: BraidWritten by Laetitia Colombani. While the dish she’s obsessed with is Grandma Francesca’s lasagna, her mother.

The crowd cheered her on: Mother Ilaria, her younger sister, the equally beautiful Virginia, and Father Giorgio Maria, Senator of the Northern League and proud father.. He says: For my daughter, an important moment of growth, I was not worried, in fact I would quote Giolitti: “I am small if I evaluate myself and many if I compare myself.” He was not sorry about the absence of the live broadcast on Rai: it was very nice too, social media is very important today. He gave Francesca just one piece of advice: sometimes defeats quickly turn into victories, never give up. But I think women have an additional responsibility tomorrow as mothers. My daughter is very attentive to this topic. What if I quit the medication? I’ll see for myself. I think this passage here is important for you, maybe it will open up a perspective you never imagined before.

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Francesca Bergesio brought the title back to Piedmont after 18 years. there Miss Italy No. 84, Pride of Beauty edition. Everyone, from jury president Vittorio Asgarbi, to jurors Giulia Salmi, Huara Porcelli and Giuseppe Crociani, wanted Stigmatization and demonization of beauty. It was the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage who announced the event open via live broadcast on the Miss Italia website, denouncing the absence of Rai: We have always seen it on Rai Uno, and I find it sad that so few of us enjoy it now. We will declare it a national holiday, celebrating the beauty of the Giotto civilization, and a national day should be dedicated to it. Women are God’s creatures and their beauty is something that belongs to us and is not something that limits intelligence. I find it never heard before that Rai broadcast a Sanremo concert full of mediocre singers: why The fad of men kissing on TV Fine and beautiful women, no? And in the morning at the press conference he said that he would do it He proposed to Minister Sangiuliano that Miss Italy be included in the cultural heritageAs a tradition it belongs to the history and traditions of our country.

The jury followed him. Mosquitoes Crociani: Anyone who considers this a contribution to sexism is an honorary moron. Huara Porcelli: We must stop this very dangerous trend of demonizing beauty, in the name of abusing inclusivity. Giulia Salmi: Well, I’m here today because I started as Miss Italy. also Psychologist Vera Slipogwhich was responsible for assessing the personality of the candidates, highlighted the fact of this By not eliminating Miss Italy, we are contributing to creating a better world. These girls have been exposed to violence and suffered bullying because of their beauty.

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The management of the show has been entrusted to Joe Squillo, gorgeous in a one-shoulder white sheath dress that would make a twenty-year-old girl envious. Sparks every time My little guy (barefoot) asked to see the girls (very) close up.. I’m short-sighted, and he defended himself annoyed. Look at a work of art the same way you look at a woman, and Crocianni supported this. owner Finally, Patrizia Mirigliani can say that she is satisfied. Girls in tennis clothes, disappearing bikinis, and black cocktail dresses enhanced their simplicity. Desire of Peace in the world (never seen, unfortunately), and quote from Mother Teresa of Calcutta. Mirigliani began by denouncing the outrage against Miss Italy. And at the Congress Palace in Salsomaggiore Terme, where the competition returned after 13 years, the entire audience was on his side.

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