She’s dead to me, I don’t give a damn

She’s dead to me, I don’t give a damn

In You got Mail the story of Roberta and Alessio: a woman wants to reconnect with the son she hasn’t seen in three years. The boy does not accept that his mother is betrothed to David, a man 17 years younger than him. Live closes the envelope: “For me she is dead, I don’t care.”

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to You’ve got mailOn the March 4 episode of Storyline Roberta and AlessioA woman resorts to the program because she wants to reconnect with her son, whom she has not seen for three years. The boy does not accept that the mother betrothed to David, A man younger than 17 with a different skin color. Roberta became pregnant and when Alessio found out he told her to terminate the pregnancy.

Roberta wants to reconnect with her son, Alessio

Roberta addresses Alessio directly, explaining to him that she no longer knows how to return to a relationship with him, who has been missing for over 3 years:

Whatever I did was always in vain. I only received insults and insults. I miss hearing myself called my mom, because you called your dad’s partner’s mom and even sniffed her name. There is only one mother and no one can replace her.

Alessio identifies that David’s skin color is “secondary” to him, but he was ashamed of his young age. On the other hand, the problem arose because the mother preferred her partner over him:

At home we were never happy and I told her “me or he” and she replied that she couldn’t end a 2 year relationship. I don’t miss him, I don’t want to see him. David is indifferent to me the way she is. I was ashamed because it looked like he was dating a friend of mine. She said she is dead to me, but I wish no one dead.

Alessio closes the envelope and does not accept

Maria de Felipe tries to make Alessio think, explaining to him that it is clear how much his mother cares for him and that maybe he should know his little sister: “I hope you understand that your mother loves you. There is a little girl who looks like you, too.” But Alessio does not want to know: “I am not interested”.I think you want to close the envelope. says Maria Di Filippo. he beckons. Roberta weeps and begs him not to close, but her son does not leave her: “She’s good at playing the victim. Watching her? No.” I don’t care about it. I don’t even want to see him.”

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