The rock legend puts his Ferrari up for sale: the auction has already reached a record price

The rock legend puts his Ferrari up for sale: the auction has already reached a record price

Great opportunity for Ferrari fans. A car owned by one of music’s biggest stars is up for auction.

a lot a star From the world of entertainment and music they have a common passion. That is, one for i Motors. But not for ordinary cars or motorcycles, but for cars of great prestige, real racing cars that only a few people can afford in terms of costs and maintenance.

A Ferrari supercar from the past is up for auction (photo collection of cars) –

So it is not uncommon to see international actors or famous musicians traveling Supercars or Loud motorcycles, high-profile purchases and definitely not low-priced ones. However, the jewelry does not always stay in the hands of these VIPs for life and therefore may end up at auction.

This happened to an amazing car, an exceptional sports car belonging to an international rock star. Ferrari owned by Rod Stewartthe British singer, songwriter and music legend, capable of producing an impressive 64 albums in his long career.

Rod Stewart’s Ferrari F50 is up for auction: Everyone is crazy about this car

Rod Stewart He was the owner of a wonderful Prancing Horse car. This is one Ferrari F50, a luxury sports car, a true cult object for the Italian automaker. A valuable piece that is still worth a lot today.

Rod Stewart's Ferrari is up for auction
Rod Stewart owns a hot Ferrari (ANSA) –

The F50 is a Spider with a removable hardtop that was built in a limited series of just 349 examples between 1995 and 1997 to commemorate the car’s 50th anniversary. Ferrari, it was later replaced as a car of the same status by the Ferrari Enzo. Great prestige and wonderful performance for this distinctive and very rare car around the world.

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So one of the samples was given away Rod Stewart, a British rock singer born in 1945, who in 1997 secured this model in the classic red color of Modena. But today this car ended up at auction, offered for sale by its last owner on the site

After a comprehensive overhaul carried out by Maranello technicians in August, the F50 became the singer’s first owner. Who ya think I’m sexy? It’s still worth a lot. It is no coincidence that the auction on the website dedicated to collectors and enthusiasts indicates that the current figure is offered well $2.5 million. A stratospheric amount for a legendary car for sure.

One thing is certain: whoever wins the Ferrari in question will have to pay a huge sum, but they will certainly be able to boast at their races not only an excellent supercar, but also a car owned by one of the icons of world music.

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