“Come visit us,” “No, thanks,” two sexy spades – Libero Quotidiano

Two of spades resounding what Rita Dalla Chiesa trimmed to Barbara Palumbelli a very right. Presenter forumIn fact, he sent her a video message asking her to visit her in the old studio: “Hi Rita, I’m in this studio that is still yours. Don’t worry, I haven’t touched anything.” Then the official invitation: We want you here. Come on, come visit us! “.

However, the invitation was gently turned down by host Silvia Tovanen, who spoke of a wound still open. “I still can’t watch forumDala Chiesa, who ran the show on Rete 4 for 20 years, explained, “If it happened to me on the video, Change the channel immediately. I can not do that. One has had so much love in life. At work, it was my great love forum“.

Then the presenter also spoke about the pain of losing her mother, who died at the age of 52 due to a sudden heart attack. Dalla Chiesa said he heard her on the phone half an hour before the tragedy. “I speak very little about my mother, in fact almost never. I don’t talk about it because I can’tShe said she moved.

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