Mirta Merlino and Barbara Durso took fire on social media: the attack that no one imagined

Mirta Merlino and Barbara Durso took fire on social media: the attack that no one imagined

Some words used recently by Myrta Merlin to Afternoon 5 They unleashed a storm on the broadcaster. In an episode a few days ago, in reference to the Alexandria massacre, where a man killed his wife, son, and mother-in-law before committing suicide, the journalist spoke of “excess love.” That’s why she was flooded with criticism. Merlino then decided to respond with a long post on Instagram, in which she invited everyone to go and watch the episode of the show again to understand what she really meant by that statement.

Many people sided with the broadcaster. One user, in particular, on the one hand defended Mirta Merlino, and on the other hand indirectly attacked the former presenter of afternoon 5, Barbara Durso: “People who had no prejudices about you and your professionalism understood what you meant to say and above all in any way! Unfortunately, these people commenting have completely forgotten about the idiots who came before you – the user wrote – They all suddenly forgot about inappropriate phrases and inappropriate reactions And above all the inappropriate smiley faces! Everything is suddenly forgotten! This is because unfortunately they are doing everything in their power to frustrate you and try to make you give up driving!

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What astonished other users of the platform was the fact that Merlino had put up “I like” This comment, though, contains an implicit attack on D’Urso. If one person thinks that the presenter just wanted to thank the user for the kind words towards her, another person does not rule out that there may be something else behind her gesture.

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