Mina Settembre 2 Episode Four: Progress

Mina Settembre 2 Episode Four: Progress

Mina Settembre 2, 4th episode preview

Mina September 2progress Episode four: for the first time Sunday 2 October 2022 Prime time on Rai 1 the first episode of the second season of the novelist directed by Tiziana Aristarco. And it continues on appointments—one a week, on Sundays—until this appointment, the fourth. The plot is based on the idea of ​​Maurizio Di Giovanni. The protagonist is Mina Setimber, a social worker, who feels true to her profession. Mina September 2 It is a co-production of Ray Novel – an Italian international film. The second season begins with the first two episodes on Al-Rai Channel on Sunday, October 2, 2022. Below The plot and previews of the fourth episode of Mina September 2 It will be broadcast on Sunday, October 23, 2022 starting around 9.25 pm on Rai 1.

Mona September 2 Episode 7 Conspiracy

Serena Rossi (Mina Settembre) in a scene from “Mina Settembre 2” Credits: Anna Camerlengo and Ray

In the first episode of the evening it’s time for a very sensitive issue Meena (Serena Rossi). The social worker confronts the complex situation of little angel. She is a girl with a gender dysphoria. His life, because of it, became impossible.

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while, Tweety (Valentina D’Agostino) and the above Primo Reggiani meets by chance. On that occasion discover the truth: He could be the father of the child you’ve been waiting for.

The situation has become unlivable MeenaBut she does not find the courage to reveal everything Julia (Antonia Lyskova). He follows the sessions without revealing what he discovers.

Mona September 2, Episode 8 Conspiracy

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Mina Settembre 2 Episode Four: Progress
Marina Confaloni (Olga) in a scene from “Mina Settembre 2” Credits: Anna Camerlengo and Ray

In the second episode of this evening reliable witty From the clinic he broke his arm and had to undergo surgery. in this circumstance Meena He knows he has no documents. Human identity is very ambiguous. Meena He does everything he can to try to prevent bureaucratic and legal problems. The social worker sails to Taranto with Domenico (Giuseppe Zino). The two search for the truth about the mysterious man’s past.

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During this trip, Mina and Domenico They are getting close. However, the sword of Damocles hangs over their relationship. Domenico doesn’t know that yet Meena Lied to me Julia in a cowardly way. When he finds out, is he still attracted to the social worker?

Mina Settembre 2 episodes, programming

The second episode ofMina September Consists of twelve episodes. They broadcast on six evenings. This means that each episode/evening consists of two episodes. Programming the episodes When watching for the first time It is scheduled to take place on Sunday evening on Rai 1 from Sunday, October 2, 2022 for six consecutive evenings. The start date of the first episode of the evening Mina September 2 Around 21:25.

Mina Settembre 2 in streaming, where to watch TV series

Mina September 2 Streaming catalog Ray Play. Episodes are uploaded to the free Rai platform and are also available after broadcast.

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