Dancing with the Stars, Lambroche wins over jurors: what does he say?

Dancing with the Stars, Lambroche wins over jurors: what does he say?

Glamor in Dancing with the Stars. Get ready because on Saturday, November 11 anything could happen following the words of Rosanna Lambertucci, who said out loud: “The Dancing with the Stars judges need to lose weight.” How will the jury react? It’s shaping up to be an exciting episode, given that Matano is also – on the sidelines – ready to show off his killer physique at Melly Studios.

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Anyone who knows the former Rai1 actor, the successful host of “Vita in diretta”, knows that he eats healthily and works out a lot. He is ready to defend the owners of smooth figures and a few extra kilograms. Therefore, Matano could defend the jury by trying to get Lambertucci to think. Which upsets the jury. She attacked them after saying she was attacked. Strange but true. That’s why the science advocate may find herself at the center of Saturday’s episode 11. There will be no shortage of explanations, challenges, and some low blows. We will also talk about the (alleged) love between Lorenzo Tano and Lucrezia Lando. It was Rossella Ira who spilled the beans: “I saw a kiss with the tongue.”

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