New deductions provided by tax reform Fines and tax bills will no longer be a problem

New deductions provided by tax reform  Fines and tax bills will no longer be a problem

The new tax reform could bring interesting news regarding fines and tax bills: a significant discount.

It is one of the heaviest expenses that an Italian individual must face during the year There are definitely taxeswhich is frequently discussed by the government to correct the situation in our country.
the Tax reforms They are the most awaited by citizens in the hope of having to pay a lower amount during the year.

Not just them Tax billsWhich is sent by the Tax Authority to collect the various taxes and fees that the citizen must pay, but Even fines Which many Italians are forced to pay in order to pump money into state coffers.
Very hefty expenses but could be less stringent in the coming months.

In recent months, there has been a lot of talk about eliminating tax bills aimed at making it significantly easier for taxpayers, but with… New tax reform And approved by the House of Representatives, there are other long-awaited benefits.
Many discounts are available in relation to both tax bills and fines.

Italians can smile again with the new tax reform

The Italians have not experienced a great period in the last three years, either in economic terms Covid-19 pandemic Which brought all sectors of the Italian economy to its knees, due to the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, which caused a sudden rise in bills and energy costs inside homes.

In recent years, successive governments have tried to improve the situation With incentives and rewardsBut the expenses of many families are still very large and heavy.
The new tax reform first discussed and then approved by the House of Representatives will again attempt to do just that Reviving the capabilities of our country and the citizens who live there.

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According to online news reports, the House of Representatives has approved the new tax reform that has been discussed, but for now There is no official news yet regarding the IRPEF rate Which may be subject to further changes.
There has also been discussion regarding the November down payment for self-employed workers which we talked about in this article.

New deductions in relation to tax bills and fines: the new tax reform

Regarding IRPEF, even if there is no official news about it, there should be some important news regarding prices.
If up to this point There were four rates, the number should be reduced to three Starting in 2024.
As we said, there is no official news about this yet, and it is possible that there will be differences.

However, the most interesting news concerns the tax invoices sent by the Revenue Agency and the fines imposed on them They should get a big discount.
According to the new tax reform A 30% discount should be applied. For all Italian citizens with accumulated debts not exceeding 30 thousand euros.

This is a positive solution for the state because It will lead to a group security Of the amount, but also for citizens who will receive their accumulated debts reduced by 30%.
The fix that would also go to Reducing the risks of tax evasion– Tightening control over citizens’ bank accounts.

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