“Battiti Live”, unbeatable Gregoraci with two cool looks

“Battiti Live”, unbeatable Gregoraci with two cool looks

Italy’s great musical season is over. Tuesday 2 August live rhythms Watch the final episode of 2022 as it takes off on stage, taped to the groovy of You See me where, once again, a beauty Elisabetta Gregoracci. The presenter, along with the inevitable Alain Palmieri and Mariasol Beaulieu, decided this time to surprise us not with one, but with a surprise. Fashionable and charming looks Which he also showed on his Instagram profile. There was nothing on stage.

Elisabetta Gregoracci chooses black and white like Kate Middleton

Two searches for a final episode full of music with a touch of nostalgia. Presented by Elisabetta Gregoraci for the occasion a Kate Middleton’s first divinely inspired dressThe undisputed queen of elegance among the royal family. Like the Duchess of Cambridge, the presenter opted for a black and white outfit, a color combination she’d never go wrong with: a black butterfly-shaped top, with geometric stripes and a V-neckline (Where the letter ‘V’ clearly stands for ‘Vertigo’), while the underside was white one Luxurious skirt with side ruffles And split at the edge of the mirror.

In short, a new look did not at all deny what we know very well about the beautiful Elisabetta: in terms of appearance, she has no competitors. The host loves to play with him fabrics and sensual cuts, just think of Green long slip dress Brag about one of the previous installments of live rhythms, with a bold and extraordinarily sensual double slit. or to Pink mini dresswhich was very reminiscent of the appearance of Belen Rodriguez to me hyenas. All always with innate separation, freshness and natural sympathy, enough to fill the stage.

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The second look that leaves the abdominal muscles exposed

Not one, but two looking for the latest version of live rhythms It aired on the evening of Tuesday, August 2, 2022, as always on Italia 1. The front alternated with the first dress with soft lines, the second outfit, as she previewed on Instagram, this time leaving it bare in full view. sculpted abs: Long black overall dress with top crops With halter neck (more chaste than Fuchsia with asymmetric neckline from the last episode) and a long skirt, again with one A gap that only she can withstand.

Gregoraci is a real person Fitness Addict In addition to Mother Nature, her harmonious and sculpted physique also dates back to Many hours of training daily as he tries his hand. You can’t miss a trip to the gym among the tools and exercises, without forgetting about Karate with always attention Proper nutritionIt is a must if you want to get (and maintain) good results.

“Battiti Live” Final Episode: Gregorassy’s words on Instagram

The last episode of live rhythms It was bubbly and lively as ever, with Many artists are willing to take turns on stage: From Noemi to me Elodiefrom M¥SS KETA to Elettra Lamborghini, to name a few Famous People from our house. Shine yes, but With a little nostalgia It can’t be missed when you know you should greet the family you love in the new year.

So before the episode aired, the beautiful Elizabeth decided to share a file cute message on instagramto greet a version that inevitably left a mark in her heart: “Hey guys, we’ve come to the last episode of Petite Live… Unique and special edition! I’ve been running the program for 6 years now…and every release always gives me very strong feelings but I never liked it this year. We find you… our beloved audience and your energy Fill my heart and move me so much. You’re the one who sang with us in every episode, the organizing machine of beatsThe artists who introduced us and made us dance, my colleagues are like a family that is getting stronger year by year. Pure magic and adrenaline What I’m Carrying Inside This Year: Thank You! I love your ELI 🎶”.

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