Mirjana Trevisan takes refuge in the pool: endless tears

Mirjana Trevisan takes refuge in the pool: endless tears

A few days after the end of Big Brother Vip, Miriana Trevisan breaks into endless tears and confesses in tears to one of her roommates how it feels inside Italy’s most spying house.

No one expected such an explosion. Let’s find out what happened to Fibona.

Mirjana Trevisan-Altranutesia

Miriana Trevisan took refuge by the pool to get away from all the competitors on the reality show and burst into tears. That’s why the jiffenas were unable to hold back the tears.

Mirjana Trevisan breaks down in tears in Gf Vip 6

Mirjana Trevisan is one of the most famous female faces on the small screen Viewers who have been following the world of television since the 1990s. Her beauty and talent allowed her to participate in the most famous TV shows of Rai and Mediaset stations.

After the big debut a It’s not Ray The form conceived by Gianni Boncompagni that gave a tremendous vision to her, Mirjana made herself known and appreciated by the public also for the experience as a tapestry from the very famous Striscia The news and valletta at the spin the wheel. Today she is one of the contestants of Big Brother Vip 6. This is not her first experience on the reality show. In fact, in 2007 participated in the fifth edition of Celebrity Island.

But Mirjana Trevisan during the adventure in the reality show led by Alfonso Signorini LShowgirl has seen ups and downs.

Crying nonstop

In the past few hours, Trevisan had begun to feel the pressure of imprisonment in Cinecitta’s house to the point that she suddenly and continuously burst into tears.

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It was a moment of desperation, because of the fact that During the evening of Thursday, March 3rd, he had a sharp contrast to Givina Sophie Codegoni. The debate between the two women arose because the girlfriend of Alessandro Bacciano felt that the only contestant was “unprotected” by her friends in the House of Representatives, who at the time of the nominations did nothing to save her from television broadcasts.

Mirjana explained while crying Manila The reason for his tears and his discomfort to say that Feels that he must constantly meet the expectations of others, Roommates and the audience, because everyone expects something from her. Manila listened and understood her anger, then advised her to try Live all the experiences of reality TV, even disagreements, more lightly, but also Cry freely when you feel the need.

Mirjana Trevisan Tranutesia

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