Tips for Polish students returning from Ukraine

Tips for Polish students returning from Ukraine

According to the data of January 25, 2022, 575 Poles studied at Ukrainian universities in the current academic year. Most of them are in medical faculties of medical universities: in Ivano-Frankivsk, Ternopil and Lviv.

medical students

The Ministry of Health, in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Science, confirmed that all Polish medical students in Ukrainian universities are coordinating the provision of places in selected fields of study at Polish universities. ad It has already been introduced in this regard by the Ministry of Health.

Other college students

Polish citizens also studied non-medical colleges in Ukrainian universities. If they wish to continue their studies at a Polish university, these persons must establish direct contact with the chosen university. It should be noted that the studio operates full time
In public universities for Polish citizens free of charge.

If you have any problems or questions, please contact the Department of Higher Education, Ministry of Education and Science [email protected]

For all students in Poland, including students from Ukraine

The rights of Polish and Ukrainian citizens wishing to continue their studies in Poland are governed by the Humanitarian Assistance Law (the so-called Special Law) adopted on March 4 of this year. By the Standing Committee of the Council of Ministers. The project provides official and legal solutions that will allow universities to implement a special procedure for transferring to studies in Polish universities, as well as rules for financing further studies in medical colleges for Polish citizens transferring from Ukrainian universities.

complete instructions

The regulations proposed by the Polish Government will allow Polish citizens and Ukrainian citizens who on February 24, 2022 were students at a university operating in Ukraine and will declare that they studied on that day in a particular year to study in a specific field of study and level of study at a university operating in the territory of Ukraine. Ukraine, continuing education even in the absence of the required documents proving periods of study, passing exams, credits or vocational training.

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Special assistance for students – citizens of the Republic of Poland – co-financing of studies

The “Private Law” also provides a solution according to which Polish citizens who on February 24, 2022 were students of a university operating in Ukraine in medical faculties and were accepted by a Polish university to study in a field corresponding to their studies, partly -time study or study a foreign language universities will bear Ukrainian an amount not exceeding the fees for these studies.

Flexible college process

The bill will introduce specific rules for the organization and functioning of universities in connection with the need to allow the continuation of studies in Polish universities by persons who, due to hostilities on the territory of Ukraine, were forced or could not leave this country. to continue their studies.

The regulation that is currently being developed states that universities can amend registration decisions for studies starting in the second semester of the academic year. 2021/2022 and in the academic year Law on Changes to Study Regulations introduced on September 30, 2022, to the extent necessary for admission to studies, by transfer from Ukrainian universities, to persons who on February 24, 2022 received student status at one of the universities operating in Ukraine.

This applies to the exclusion of the application of provisions according to which the study regulations are approved at least 5 months before the beginning of the academic year, and requires an agreement with the student on independence specifically and comes into force at the beginning of the academic year. Academic year.

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The president of the university may also change the organization of the academic year. 2021/2022 referred to in the internal procedures of the university. In the 2021/2022 academic year, it will also be possible to jointly conduct full-time and part-time classes at the university.

Proposal for Ukrainian students, doctoral students and researchers

For the offer made to Ukrainian citizen students, doctoral students and employees, who will be interested in transferring to Polish universities or institutes, work is underway on a website that integrates all information, as well as an online platform where information on places in Polish units is available. There will also be space on the platform to publish apps for people searching for places. All data will be provided in standardized forms, which will allow to easily search for the site as needed. All information in this regard will be detailed and made available by the Ministry of Education and Science in the coming days.

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