“Not a very happy moment, I’ll just say that.”

“Not a very happy moment, I’ll just say that.”

Possible participation for Fedez to Monstersprogram Francesca Fagnani On Ray 2, it sparked a lot of discussion. Even if in the end the editorial leaders of Viale Mazzini would prefer to completely dismiss the hypothesis due to the past with the rapper. The latter, meanwhile, is not having an easy time: he was hospitalized in Milan for almost a week due to internal bleeding caused by two ulcers. It is clear that the news related to his health condition overshadowed the controversy surrounding his participation in it Monsters.

Francesca Fagnani talked about all this in an interview with Massimo Giletti Priced at 102.5 riyals Speaking about her intention to conduct an interview with Fidesz, the journalist explained: “Talk show guests are always a bit similar, because there is a fear that other programs will get better ratings.” She told those who described her as “brave” for wanting to invite the rapper: “I did not feel brave, as he is a public figure who has been part of the public debate for years. It’s divisive But if we talk about it, inviting him seems like the natural choice. He’s an interesting character.”

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In the end, Giletti wondered why Fedez did not comment on the matter. “I’ll just say it’s not a very happy moment,” Vagnani replied. We talked to each other clearly. He didn’t answer and I think he had great maturity and intelligence.”

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