Chris Hemsworth Controversy Breaks Out For Joking On His Son: ‘He’s Violent’ [FOTO]

Chris Hemsworth Controversy Breaks Out For Joking On His Son: ‘He’s Violent’ [FOTO]

Joe’s Trouble bull: This time the threat does not come from the multiverse or from some planets scattered throughout the galaxy, but from their own propellers. Chris Hemsworth And his wife, in fact, was heavy Swipe for a photo Posted in Instagram profile. One joke for his son which, however, sparked controversy.

On the birthday of his twin sons, Sasha and TristanStar Marvel Cinematic Universe He posted a very special shot: it shows the whole family gathered to celebrate, but also the wife Elsa Pataky who holds The son’s head is inside a cake. In the caption, Chris Hemsworth wrote:

Happy birthday to my little man! There is only one way to eat cake in this house and it is With mom that makes you immerse your head in it! “Mom, I don’t like chocolate cake, I prefer vanilla,” really, son? What do you say now?’

Here is a picture of Chris Hemsworth and family (You must be logged into Instagram to see it)

What’s clearly a hilarious moment being shared on the family has apparently found a way to turn into controversy and criticism from some fans and users who follow the actor’s social profiles. Below the photo is actually someone who objected to the alleged violence of the sign.

«It’s very violent”wrote a user, but it must be specified that it is impossible to determine from the image the dynamics of the gesture and the violence attributed to it. Another says he doesn’t understand why people enjoy putting their children’s heads in cake, and another wonders how people find it funny.

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Many fans came to the rescue of Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky: «It’s fun and it’s a family tradition, it gives kids memories to laugh about and they’ll look forward to seeing it happen to their siblings, and they’ll share the joy. Just a little sense of humor». Another comment confirms how the family is just having fun: «Stop judging people based on yourselfYou have to understand that not everyone is like youHe pointed out.

It is unlikely that the negative comments would have upset a star Thor: Love and Thunderbut they repeat once again how social networks are a double-edged sword and that even a moment of joy shared in the family can become a cause for criticism.

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Photo: James Gourley/Getty Images for AFI

Source: Instagram

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