June 7, 2023

Hardwood Paroxysm

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Michelle Hunziker and Tommaso Trussardi, view photos of the dinner

In the photos published by the weekly “Chi” you can see Michelle Hunziker and Tommaso Trussardi roasting. They chose a table by the window, without hiding from the besieged paparazzi, in the center of Milan. They have not yet formalized their new understanding in words, but they seem to want to leave the communication of what is happening in the family to gestures. Less than a year later Declaration of separation. It was in January when they said their goodbyes to the fans.

“After 10 years together, we have decided to turn our life project around. We are committed to continuing the path of our wonderful girls’ growth with love and friendship. Our separation will remain a shared and private one. No further comments regarding the privacy of our family will follow. Michelle and Tommaso,” the joint press release reads. Michelle Hunziker, 45, after splitting from Thomas Trussardi, 39, kept the door open anyway: “I’m not going to talk about the reasons because I want to do right away what many couples do after so many years, and that is Forgive me and forgive himdo not delve into, but understand that this is the moment we are in and we must face it with love … “. Then again: “I believe that parental couples never part …”. Now, in fact, Michel Hunziker and Tommaso Trussardi, after One summer as she takes a break with plastic surgeon Giovanni Angiolini, they find themselves eating panettone together.

After spending the evening laughing over a glass of wine, Michele Hunziker and Tommaso Trussardi went home. Like a brave man, he opened the door for his wife, and they both disappeared inside the front door. Their daughters Sol, 9, and Celeste, 7, are waiting for them at the apartment.

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