Fiorello seriously ill and resume: ‘Be careful’

Fiorello seriously ill and resume: ‘Be careful’

We are so used to seeing Fiorello always smiling on stage, to amuse us with his always so hilarious interventions that we often forget that behind the showman we all know he hides someone who, like everyone, has lived through dark moments. Fiorello recently took off his mask and made an unprecedentedly long confession, leaving everyone speechless. His words relate to a very difficult period that the man found himself facing in spite of himself, and he told Drama about her play during a radio interview. Rosario Fiorello is one of the most followed and appreciated showrunners on the Italian TV scene.

Originally from Catania, he is the first of four siblings: Anna (shopkeeper), Giuseppe (actor) and Catina (writer). Fiorello is one of the most influential TV personalities: he has conducted several successful programs on Rai and Mediaset channels, and in addition to being a respected TV presenter, he is also a comedian, impersonator, comedian and actor. Also the protagonist of the previous two sanremoWith his friend and colleague Amadeus the artistic director of the music competition. The public had very much hoped to see him side by side with Amadeus again this year, and instead had to content themselves with a brief appearance for him during the first evening. In a radio interview, Fiorello spoke on hand about the drama that shocked him, deeply discerning him.

In fact, the life of beloved Siori was marked by a very serious illness. In fact, the showman had a tumor in a very sensitive area. In 2015, Fiorello had surgery for melanoma in the back, but his doctor wanted to do a more in-depth investigation and had him take off his clothes, later discovering that the conductor had 7 moles on the private parts that had to be operated on. Fiorello recounted this dramatic experience on periscope Written by Evan Basu, saying that during his entire convalescence”I spent there twenty days like a gift box“.

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In addition to talking about this particular experience, the famous Sicilian conductor and comedian wanted to stress the importance of prevention. They say “it’s better to be safe than sorry”, and this is true, so we must listen to the advice of Fiorello, who has already gone through it and luckily managed to catch the disease in the time that could have turned into something more serious and dangerous. The man, as usual, did not miss the opportunity to tell this tale with a smile and with glamorous irony; That same sarcasm that we love so much that makes Fiorello one of the most beloved characters in the world of entertainment, as we know him today.

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