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Many of the initiatives organized by the University of Siena will be devoted to the discussion of health and research

SIENA. They range from life sciences to digital healthcare, from robotics and artificial intelligence to the accessible environment, and from the future of agriculture, food and nutrition to ways to deliver health in the many appointments at Health Festivalscheduled in Siena until November 27, in which teachers and research groups fromUniversity of Siena.

Among the initiatives November 25th Many of the posts of university professors.

“ITS Academy in Life Sciences: perspectives and future developments” is the theme of the 9.15 am meeting at Palazzo Patrizi dedicated to schools, which will be attended by Octavia Spigaa professor at the university and a member of the Scientific Technical Committee of the VITA Foundation.

At the San Nicolò Education Complex at 9.30 there will be a talk on “New ways of working and organizational well-being: the contribution of work psychology”, with the participation of Maria Grazia CastagnaFellowship in Endocrinology.

The master class “Robots and Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare: Visions of the Near Future” will be held at the Accademia dei Fisiocritici at 10, with Domenico BraticcioProfessor of Robotics and Rector’s Delegate for Technology Transfer.

At 11.15 in Palazzo Patrizi at the “Listening to Adolescents” meeting, prof Andrea BainesDirector of the Department of Mental Health and Senses at the Arab Open University, Senese.

During 4 p.m., in the San Nicolo Education Complex, the meeting will take place “But are conversations good for health?” It is organized in cooperation with the Department of Social, Political and Cognitive Sciences and was opened with a greeting from the Director Christine Cabinieri. Pier Luigi D’Aco, host of Ray 2, Francesco Borgonovo, vice director of La Verita, Emilio Giannelli, designer and cartoonist are among the participants. The meeting will be conducted by Maurizio BoldriniProfessor of Communication History and Journalism.

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At 17 at Accademia Chigiana University President Roberto De PietraAnd the Emmanuel MontomoliH., Emeritus Professor of Public Health Louisa Bracchi The Professor of Biochemistry will participate in the discussion on “The Role and Contribution of Sienna to Future Health”.

Even on November 26th Speeches by university professors have been planned in many initiatives.

9.15 at the San Nicolo headquarters with the “Technologies for Health” meeting. At 9.30 in the landmark Liceo Piccolomini Annalisa Santuccifrom the Department of Biotechnology, Chemistry and Pharmacology, will be speaking at the “The Future of Agriculture, Food and Nutrition” event.

At 10:30 at the San Nicolò headquarters, the “Future of Pediatrics” meetings will take place, with the participation of Carlo Bellinia neonatologist and professor at the university; While at 12 o’clock the “Healthy Communication” meeting will take place.

At 3 p.m., again in San Nicolò, the “Chronic Non-communicable Diseases” meeting will take place, with the participation of Francesco Duttadirector of the UOC Center for Diabetes and Metabolic Diseases and director of the Division of Medicine, Surgery, and Neurosciences.

At four o’clock in the afternoon in the TV room we will talk about “the participation of citizens and volunteers in improving health services”, while at quarter past five in the evening we are still in the TV room, Serenella CivitelliProfessor of Surgery and Gender Health, will be speaking on the topic “Gender Medicine and Gender Politics”.

The full program of the Festival della Salute can be found on the web page: https://festivaldellasalute.it/programma

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