Albert Pla, Savage on TV3 about Spanish judges, the People's Party, amnesty and Barcelona

Albert Pla, Savage on TV3 about Spanish judges, the People's Party, amnesty and Barcelona

When Albert's plan Decreased by TV3, the price of bread rose. The Catalan singer-songwriter, great when he opens his mouth, is not inclined to remain silent and say what comes out of his mouth, generating bile in hyperventilating Spaniards and ultras. And again after he passed CollapsesAnd he proved it again. Sans spoke to Ricard Austrell and dropped one pearl after another, getting wet as he talked about everything and showed himself as he is, a free poem from which you can never predict what he will say or how he will react to things that happen in his surroundings for example, the singer, who has become Now also an actor, he recently won the Fayrouz Award for Best Actor in a Cast for his role in… The messiah From Javis, he reacted like this to the award he had just received.

Albert Sans to “The Messiah” / Movistar+

It is clear that Bala was also involved in different aspects of society, such as the presence of mobile phones in classrooms, the situation in Barcelona or the political situation. Subordinate MovingPay attention to the advice he gives and what he will implement immediately:

This was on Saturday, hours before the start of the program Barcelona He played and won at the Alabais Stadium with a 1-3 win after his coach Xavi Hernandez He announced a few days ago that he would be leaving his position at the end of the season, already tired of the pressure and being constantly questioned. He also spoke about the Terrassa coach, and by extension, Barça as a club, and as a symbol of Catalonia, with a sentence that attracts attention: “I still think it took too long, poor thing. Barcelona is a disgrace to all Catalans.”

There were no icings on the cake: pay attention to what he said about them Spanish judges And his renewal, which he opposes sWhich he referred to in these terms:I think they are afraid. “If these judges stopped existing, all the prosecutors would go to prison, you poor people.”

Plan, genius and form. He won the Fayrouz Award, which is a well-deserved award for the person who delivers harsh criticism with a smile on his face. amazing

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