Big brother Phoebe hopes for reconciliation for Attilio

Big brother Phoebe hopes for reconciliation for Attilio

“Big Brother Vip” Alfonso Signorini opens the episode by immediately addressing the most important topic, that of broken couples. At first, he commented on Riccardo Vogel’s exclusion, saying he was quite sure of his good intentions and wishing him a Merry Christmas with his family. Then we move on to the Donnalisis breakup.

Painful break – Alfonso turns to Antonella and says he is amazed at this sudden end. The fuse was Eduardo’s behavior with Oriana, which Antonella did not like at all. Fiordelisi’s angry reaction instead of finding Edoardo obedient provokes the boy’s angry reaction. who gets even more annoyed when Antonella says though Onestini is ready for her. The dispute then widened to include Fiordelesi’s relationship with Antonino. This time it was the boy who displeased her. The straw that breaks the camel’s back is when she imitates Antonella Oriana by wearing a bra and thong. The debate in the living room between the ex-husband and Oriana as the third ingredient is pretty bitter. While Antonino is in the middle. Spinalbese says he is very sorry for Antonella but not for Eduardo (who has insulted him so badly in recent days).

Antonella and Eduardo face to face Signorini invites the two to go to Superled. Alfonso tells them he was struck by the brevity with which they decided to end their story. He invites them to look at each other and talk to each other. Antonella says she still loves Eduardo but feels betrayed because in the last few days she saw him as an accomplice to others when they spoke ill of her. When asked by Alfonso, Eduardo also confirms that he still loves the girl but there are aspects of his personality with which he cannot have a peaceful relationship. The two try to confront each other but the result is that the usual things start to run into each other again.

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Affairs of Attilio Romita – After Mimma explodes, Attilio says some heavy things towards Sarah which elicits a strong reaction from Altobello and the other tenants. Then the harsh message from his girlfriend in the final episode gave him a coup d’état of mercy. The journalist had a real breakdown. In the end, at least an apology came to Sarah with which she partially mended the relationship. However, the problem of the relationship with Mimma remains, to which Attilio says he no longer has certainty that he can renew what was before. Alfonso invites him to go to Mystery. Here tell him that Mimma has sent an official notification through her lawyer. The woman wishes that no more would be said of her. But apart from this, Mimma says through her lawyer that she did not feel respected and calls on Attilio, as soon as she is discharged from GfVi, not to appear at home. Romita is upset, because he also says that he bought that house a few months ago, it’s in his name, so he’s going to be kicked out of his house. After the initial shock, Romita, exasperated, says that Mimma should have saved his “great burden” and that once he leaves the house, the first phone call he will ever make will be to his lawyer.

Wilma Gwish and her ex-husband – These days the singer had the opportunity to talk about the things that Eduardo Vianello mentioned in his book. It is clear that what her ex-husband wrote was refuted point by point. During the week, however, Vianello returned to office, giving an interview to the weekly Depeche, in which he again accused Goech of cheating on him as well as commenting sarcastically about Wilma’s relationship with Danielle. After calling Wilma aside, Alfonso talks to her about Susana, the daughter she had with Eduardo and who had died a few years earlier. While he was talking about his nephew Ugo, the freeze stopped and Ugo entered the yard. After Ugo Lorenzo, son of Susanna, also arrives.

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Two new entrances to the home – Alfonso teases Oriana about possibly entering a “good guy”, then invites her to go to Superled. The new contender is Davide Donade, the former tronista in Men and Women. Signorini tells Oriana to close her eyes and let Davide in. After several attempts at identification, offers are made. For the second entry, we’ll have to wait a little longer…

The clash between Mikol and Antonella – A clip appears where Micol insults Antonella in a heavy way. Eduardo also thought of unleashing the wrath of Encorvia, who spoke to Fiordelisi without considering Micol’s possible reactions.

Meet Eduardo – Alfonso summons Tavasone to the garden and as soon as he arrives he freezes. His mother Emanuela enters and praises him a lot but invites him to behave well with Mikol, without talking about “your stuff”, especially with certain people. The meeting between the two women is very cordial and conniving. Emanuela goes so far as to say that Eduardo looks up to Micol because he has never looked at any woman in his life.

Antonino and Geneva – Since returning home, Lamborghini has been spending all her time with Spinalbese. Which some people didn’t like. As in Oriana. Geneva explains that Antonino is just a friend. According to Sonia Broganelli, the girl plays a little bit in this thing.

Media rule – All contestants on the telecast are called to the Superled where they must stand behind a rostrum. They must write in the name of one of the four to be sent to the next TV: Vote Envelope will be valuable. Meanwhile, the public vote is revealed. The first chosen as the “non” favorite was Sarah, who was going to vote for Danielle. Even Attilio, who would have mentioned Eduardo’s name, was not even voted out. Between Danielle and Donnamaria, she is the crowd favorite Danielle. Who opens the envelope and sends “Sarah” straight to the next TV.

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nominations – The group declared the immunity of Tavasi, Onestini and Luca. Instead, Sonia chose Antonella while Urrieta chose Oriana. At Superled we turn to the obvious nominations. Sarah voted for Gael, and Alberto named Antonino. Jael nominates Patrizia while he chooses Jorge Antonino as does Eduardo. Attilio, very nervous, mentions the name of Charlie who, according to him, was going to stab him in the back. A very difficult discussion ensues. Micol also nominates Charlie while Gnocchi returns the nomination to Romita. Patricia votes for Gayle. Nikita appoints Antonino, while Wilma chooses Attilio. Antonino closes the appointment of Eduardo.

New VIP – Antonino, Daniele, Luca, Onestini and Tavasi have been summoned to Mystery. This is Nicole Murgia, an actress. Alfonso declares that Nicole has an unbridled passion for one of them… Luca Salatino, because he “makes crazy carbonara!”.

Attilio in the priesthood – Signorini informs Romita of a tweet written by Mimma. A very harsh post in which he accuses Signorini of giving an artificial interpretation of the letter and that he actually had no intention of ending the relationship with Attilio. But just confront him before he gets home. Signorini reads the letter from Mimma’s lawyer and confirms that he has not misrepresented anything. Romita, listen to the exact phrases of the message “I apologize to Signorini on behalf of Mima”.

Immunotherapy nominations – Onestini starts by nominating Antonino, and Antonella continues by voting for Micol. Luca nominates Alberto. So it’s up to “Tavassone” who mentions George’s name. Little Oriana Antonino, little Daniel Patrizia. Sara, Antonino, Attilio, Charlie, Gael and Patrizia are on TV.

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