The 26th Enderrock Awards take place this week

The 26th Enderrock Awards take place this week
On Thursday, March 14, the 26th Enderoc Awards – Catalan Music Awards 2024 will be held in the Girona Hall, where 22 awards will be presented (8 from critics and 10 from popular vote for the best albums, songs, clips and artists). in the Pop Rock, Author Song, Folk and Urban Music categories), as well as Inderock Honorary and Professional Awards, and the Joan Traiter Award for Best Producer. Enderrock Night will also include dozens of premieres – from Vega Flawas, The slow greyhound, Genesta, Guillem Gisbert, a light, In Ludwig's band, Mama Dosha, Mark Parrott, Maria, Marala with zoo, Pony jumping I Sixty years-, and will be presented again by Alba Riera and Andrew Juanola.

This will be the second Enderrock Awards ceremony this year, following the celebration of the first Enderrock-440 Awards, last Thursday, March 7.

Image: Design and illustrations by Nirvana Jimenez

Endrock Critic Awards

The work was considered by critics of the Enderoc Awards – a jury of 30 music journalists from all over the Catalan countries. Mouth watering (Primavera Stickers) from the Leda Collection Rinaldo and Clara Best record of 2023. For his part, the duo of Matarón Altite He will receive the Artist of the Year award on Thursday One successful epic (Amplifier Records).

Hexagram In Ludwig's band It will receive the Enderrock Award for Best Pop Rock Album thanks for coming (The Indian Runners / Ceràmiques Guzmán), while the award for Best Original Song Recording will be shared by artists from Empordà, Silvia Perez Cruz for every Age, one day (Sony Music) E Clara Bea for every corset (Memories of life).

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Seafood Mules It won the Critics' Enderrock Award for Best Urban Music Recording with That's when the mixtape (self-published) and album Beautiful house (Montegré) of the Emporda people Cala Vento It was considered the best non-Catalan language disc. semen (Hidden Track Records) from Valencia Sandra Monfort It is the best popular work according to the critic who also considered it Between liquids (Halle Chronicles) from Valais trick Best new release of the year.

In addition to the awards presented by the critics, three special recognition awards will be given, one of which is the Enderock Honorable Mention stayedOn the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of the recording of the legendary album Any night can have sunrise (Zelesti-Edjsa, 1975), Indruk Award for Track A Pascal comelade On the occasion of the five-decade anniversary of recording his first album, Fluence (The Pole, 1975) and the Joan Traiter Award for Best Production Babe Saul.

Endrock awards by popular vote

The popular vote for the XXVI Premis Enderrock – Premis de la Música Catalana 2024 has revealed the most nominated artists in the ranking led by the duo from Matarón Altitewith 5 nominations (Best Artist, Best Urban Music Album, Best Song for “Coti x Coti,” Best Music Video, and Best Live Broadcast), and Mules, with four (Best New Artist, Best Song “No m'estima+”, Best Music Video, Best Urban Music Album). The artists receiving two nominations are: Joan Dosa (Best Artist, Best Live), Silvia Perez Cruz (Best Artist, Best Original Song Album) i Stay hummus (Best Pop Rock Album and Best Music Video). The results of the winners in the popular vote categories – along with the critics' awards – will be announced at the ENDERROCK Awards 2024, on Thursday 14 March in the Girona Hall.

Finalists for the 2024 Enderock Awards are by popular vote

Best Artist of 2023 by popular vote
Joan Dosa
Silvia Perez Cruz

Best New Artist of 2023 by popular vote
Vega Flawas

Best pop rock album of 2023 by popular vote
Sixty yearsSupernova
Stay hummushummus

Best Urban Music Album of 2023 by popular vote
31 Famgood well
MulesThat's when the mixtape
AltiteOne epic

Best Original Song Album of 2023 by popular vote
Clara Beacorset
Silvia Perez CruzAge, one day

Best pop album of 2023 by popular vote
El Boni Pesador and the Longest JonesThe longest pony
No cozinaHours come
Maria Assumption

Best album of 2023 in a language other than Catalan by popular vote
Leah CallieAgainst all enemies
Mikey Nunez121
Neil Mulliner A place of paradise

Best song of 2023 according to popular vote
Alfred Garcia – “Your eyes”
Mushka + Julieta -“He doesn't love me +”
Altite – “Sale x Sale”

Best music video of 2023 as voted by the public
Mushka + Julieta -“He doesn't love me +”
Stay humas + taits – “the beach”
Altite – “Sale x Sale”

Best Live of 2023 by popular vote
Joan Dosa

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