Amici 22: Advance Sunday 30th October 2022 – All Guests & Challenges

Amici 22: Advance Sunday 30th October 2022 – All Guests & Challenges

Arisa – Friends 22

New date with friends 22, was taped yesterday – Thursday 27 October – and aired on Canale 5 on Sunday 30 October at 2pm. If you don’t want it progress and spoilers on Guests And the results of the various challenges that stirred Episode 7Your reading should stop there.

Amici Predictions 22: What Happened in Episode 7 of Sunday, October 30, 2022

Let’s start with the races, as stated in the Twitter account Friends news And from news alleystarting with singers, in defiance with the covers he judges Tommaso Paradiso. The best is to be waxwhile the worst – as in the last episode with Nick – is NDG. Did not participate in the race cliquewho had a task (later overcome) assigned to him by Rudi Zerbi: to sing persuasion Aida by Renault Gaetano.

During the match, Al-Zarbi stopped him Andre The immediate appeal was sent. The boy, wanted at school by Arisa, loses against the challenger Ascanio and comes Deleted.

As for the dance, the former professor was called in to judge the competition among the students protectorwho put it Ramon In front of everyone while relegated to the last place Samuel. There is no race for Rita And the Samooccupied with the tasks assigned to them – respectively – by Emmanuel Lo and Alessandra Celentano: I overtook him, and he did not.

The second dance competition, this time from Improvisation (theme: Variety), is judged by the former professional Marcelo Sachetsees the dancer Megan He beat Mattia and Maddalena.

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In addition to Andrei, the students invited other challenges to confirm their office. Singer Nevu He refused the challenger’s assault (according to another former professor, Carlo Di Francesco), as well as the dancer Gianmarco – Sent on an instant challenge by Raimondo Todaro – Hit another ambitious student (Judge Garrison). The grandmother’s owner of the “public bench”, it could have been instead destroys asia.

During the recording, Maria de Filippi welcomed into the studio Giordana Angie.

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