“I was a victim of incest as a child.”

“I was a victim of incest as a child.”

Rome, September 5, 2023 – deafening silence broken by confession: Emmanuel Burt revealed that she was Incest victim as a child, between 10 and 14 years old. A brutal and painful memory that emerges years later on the occasion of the documentary she co-directed, titled “Silence will burn” (translated into Italian, more precisely, “deafening silence”) and Sept. 24 on the French channel M6.

The complaint

No Bert, I remembered her “Manon Springs” Which earned her the award CesarThe name of the alleged assailant is not mentioned in the documentary. At first, she didn’t want to talk about her experience, but only about other incest survivors. “But their honesty and courage made me want to speak out, too,” the singer explained. At the press conference to introduce the documentary, the other director, Anastasia Mikova, told reporters: The alleged abuser was not the father by Bert. Mikova, a spokeswoman for the actress, who was not present, said Biart did not name her attacker because that was “not the film’s approach”.

The message in the documentary

The documentary was shown during the press event, and in one scene, the voiceover of Biart addresses the alleged assailant“Since my father, mother, and friends hadn’t noticed anything, you could have done it again, and I’ve done it for over four years.” Then the actress adds that she was “rescued” from his grandmother.

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